I have a wine dispenser I am curious about

New Austrian Wine Dispenser
wine dispenser

I was wondering about this wine dispenser…. Can you tell me about it and if it is worth anything other than sentiment?


  1. Lisa Huff says:

    You have a traditional style Bohemian wine dispenser. These standing, gravity activated wine servers have been used in Austrian / German area for centuries. They are still in use today, but world-wide popularity has declined since the 1950s.

    The image I’ve uploaded is a modern-made decanter much like yours. When examined closely, there are some major differences. It is the same style, but not the same decanter. The link below will take you to the German web-site offering this decanter at present. They value it at $200.00.


    Your decanter has an ice compartment, the wrought iron is designed slightly different, and the etchings are different. The etching on your decanter is an older, and better etching. The ice compartment is an older feature. The wrought iron leaves are different, and it has signs of hand-work, as compared to the newer machined wrought iron.

    I’d guess your decanter is from the 1960s or earlier. But…as you can see from the evidence, antique and vintage styles have been repeatedly reproduced.


    • Tom Goss says:

      Hi Lisa

      Years ago I was given a hand forged Dispenser very similar to what is seen here. The valve on the cut crystal carafe has failed and I can’t find anywhere to buy a new valve. Can you help?

      Thanks so much


  2. saigesin says:

    Thank you for responding. Where would I be able to sell something like this without giving it away? I have 2 and I really only want to keep one.

  3. Lisa Huff says:

    The best way to sell an item at a good value is to list it on a web site, with a specific price, and wait for the right buyer.

    Worthpoint’s classified section is a good place for anyone who would like to sell a vintage or antique item, and does not want to “give it away” on an auction site. For a low membership fee, you can post items in the classified section. I’ve tested Worthpoint’s classified section and was pleased to get four inquiries within one week.

    Worthpoint does not charge fees for sold items, as most other internet sites do. The details of the sale is handled by the seller and the buyer via e-mail.

    No matter where you decided to sell it, be sure to include as many images as you can. Refer to the $200 price tag for the new reproduction we saw on the German site. Brag about the vintage/retro status, the fine Austrian etched crystal, the hammered wrought iron, and eye-catching and useful benefits in entertaining.


    • Jane PEELE says:

      I have a wine dispenser like those shown but it is bigger and is round. It has wrought iron holders for six glasses! Would this be of greater value? Thank you for your help, Jane PEELE

  4. saigesin says:

    Thank you so much for your help!!! I’ll keep you posted on my success!!

  5. SHAMAY ELMS says:

    I own two just wine decanters just like the one you show in your listing I did not know they were so valuable until i read your reply. I learned alot about the ones I have thank you for posting.

    • Barb Miller says:

      I have 2 wine dispensers as pictured in the photo above. However, both decanters were broken in shipping. Does anyone know where to purchase new or used glass dispensers? Thanks!

  6. tammy says:

    I have a similar decanter, mine has a candle holder attached. I am looking for glasses to match the decanter. Would you know a place a place to start looking?

    • jromero40 says:

      I have the Dual decanter with the candle holder as well. The candle holder glass was gone when I bought it. It would be nice if I could find another. What do they look like, do they also have the etching? I guess the $2 I paid for this at a yard sale was a good buy considering the new ones with a single go for $200