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There is no way I can do Joe Montana’s career justice in my little blog, but I certainly have to give it a shot. Undoubtedly, Montana’s name has to be mentioned in a conversation of who are the greatest NFL players of all time. Just ask sports memorabilia collectors, they’ll tell you Joe Montana collectibles are among the highest demanded pieces around today.

Montana was best known for his ability to stay cool under pressure. As the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana started in four Super Bowl games. The 49ers won all four of those championships. In short, the guy just knew how to win. He always seemed to find a way.

Montana was selected to eight Pro Bowls, he led the NFC in passer rating five times, he was a three time Super Bowl MVP, and a two time AP NFL MVP. This doesn’t even begin to cover all of Montana’s amazing career achievements.

Joe Montana is probably best remembered for his playoff performance against the Dallas Cowboys in 1982. During the NFC Championship Game, Montana completed one of the greatest comeback drives in league history. With over 4 minutes left to play, the 49ers were losing 27-21. Montana led his team steadily down the field into Dallas territory. With about a minute left on the clock, San Francisco faced a third down from the Dallas six yard line. Montana made an off-balanced pass to Dwight Clark who made a leaping catch in the end zone to win the game. It was truly a defining moment in Montana’s Hall of Fame career.

So, which Joe Montana collectibles should you keep your eyes open for?

– 49ers Autographed Helmet- Although Montana played his final seasons as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, he’s best known for his 14 year stint in San Francisco. Guiding the 49ers through their most successful era in franchise history, Montana established himself as one of the greatest players to ever step onto a football field. Autographed Joe Montana 49ers helmets can be found for around $500. I think they make a great addition to any sports memorabilia collection.

– Joe Montana Signed Football- Montana’s ability to toss the football might never again be matched. When I think of Joe Montana, I remember all the times he brought his team back from what seemed to be sure losses. He always knew how to win. A signed Joe Montana football is worth around $400. You should store it in a glass case, and keep it in a dry place away from excessive sunlight.

– “The Catch” Autographed Picture- As I mentioned earlier, the defining moment in Montana’s Hall of Fame career was the pass he threw to Dwight Clark. This is known in the sports world simply as “The Catch.” Since this is such an important moment in football history, I think an autographed picture of the moment is a must have for any football memorabilia collector. With the signatures of both Montana and Clark, this 16×20 collectible is valued at close to $600.

  • Drew Murdock

    I have a players of the decade the 1980’s limited edition with all original signed cards in plastic cases in oustanding condition i have Nolan Ryan All-Time Strikeout King, Joe Montana Super Bowl XV1 X1X XX1V M.V.P., Larry Bird 10 time All-N.B.A. Team, Wayne Gretzky N.H.L. All-Time Leading Scorer i was trying to find out how much they are worth please write back as soon as possible thank you

  • Hello,
    I have a bout 360 Montana cards and specialty cards all in achiveal plastic and srcew plastic cases. Along with 2 signed framed jerseys, signed football, 2 signed mini helmets, 3 signed and framed sports illistrated, signed golf ball and bunch of other items that don’t come to mind at the moment.
    My question is can you give me am idea of what the cards collect is woth? I know site unseen it may be tuff but I’m just looking at a ball park.
    Thanks for the help,

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