Kaiting painting

D. Kaiting landscape

I am interested in information about D. Kaiting, artist of a painting I purchased at an auction. It is an oil painting of a landscape, 2′ x 3′ in a gold frame. I’d like to know about the artist.

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  1. Chris Hughes says:

    May I suggest that you try clicking the “Answers” tab located at the top of the landing page. There you will find two options:

    1. Ask a Question – a place where members can post questions about their item for free and members of the community can respond with information. Posting images of the item will greatly increase the chances of a timely and accurate response.

    2. Ask a Worthologist- a feature where for a fee ($2.95 and up) you can have an expert evaluate your item. Clear images and detailed descriptions are necessary for this service.

    You can also try doing a key word search in the Worthopedia, a database containing approximately 1 million realized auction prices. The Worthopedia tab is also located at the top of the landing page.

    Chris Hughes