Memories too

Do you have enough..Grand dad?

As a part of the baby boomer generation Holidays have switched from answering questions from the family about what I would like as a gift. Now we share memories of collections and the past.

I have collected items since I was a child. Growing up on a farm in what was rural Virginia at that time I have been interested in all types of things that I would find. A rusty buckle, horse shoes, an Indian arrow head, civil war bullets that survived after 90 years of plowing and shinny pennies!

Collecting can let your imagination run wild, transport you to another time and dimension. You can look at the future or travel a hundred years in the past. What a joy it is to dream and recall past adventures, even if they are in your mind.

Now I just collect memories and try to pass them on to my children and their children. As Chris Hughes said in his blog on “Hearing the Veterans story” things get lost if you don’t share or ask questions about them. Sharing memories, stories and the past keeps us aware of how things do change and how much is lost if we don’t share.