Mid-City Krewe: A Family Mardi Gras

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Mid-City Krewe
Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Considering the confusion of cancellations and weather, we were blessed with a beautiful Sunday for four day parades. Mid-City Krewe celebrated their 75th year of parading Sunday. The krewe is named after the area they began their route in until 2002. The 185 member female and male krewe parade on the regular uptown route complete with marching bands, krewe officers on horseback, and 17 floats. This parade is a favorite among families and children, especially because of their throws. The throws include plush toys, Frisbees, cups, potato chips, polystone medallion beads, and doubloons in several colors. The Mid-City Krewe gives out many beads with the name of their krewe on them, embossed with their symbol of two joined hearts under a crown. Since Katrina they have refurbished all their floats and replaced 6 floats with the first 50-person float in Mardi Gras. This krewe loves to vanguard new Mardi Gras practices. In 1947, the Mid-City Krewe was the first krewe to use animated floats in a parade. This year the parade was as fantastical as ever, complete with brightly decorated floats using a lot of plastic wrapping. I was amazed at how many people gathered for these parades, but the 70-degree weather helped the crowds to stay all day for the night parade, Bacchus. The Mid-City krewe reminds all of us what Mardi Gras is truly about, simple and good fun. Despite what people see on TV and rumors on the Internet, Mardi Gras is for the family and Mid-City helps every member enjoy the season.