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A Cornucopia of Collectibles at Brimfield

At Brimfield, WorthPoint’s Tom Carrier discovers you can get almost anything you want in the way of collectibles and antiques: from old newspapers to adjustable dress forms. Buyers show off their treasures.

Amazing finds at Brimfield

Brimfield is a mecca for dealers and fans including WorthPoint’s CEO and founder, Will Seippel, a lifelong collector. In this video, Will walks around Brimfield sharing his experience as a collector and dealer and finding treasures including Edison Cylinders, state license plates and a phonograph from the Sonora company, which his grandfather owned.

A Dealer’s Point of View at Brimfield

We call Dan Borsey, Dan the man in the WorthPoint van because he’s traveling up and down the East Coast attending antiques and collectibles shows and events. In this video he he heads out into the fields at Brimfield to talk to buyers and sellers and to get a feel for what’s happening in the antiques and collectibles world. Antiques dealer Ron Cioe from Waterhouse Antiques is interviewed.

Curious Finds at Brimfield

With more than 5,000 dealers, the fields at Brimfield have antiques and collectibles for everyone. As a collector and former antiques dealer, WorthPoint’s Founder and CEO, Will Seippel, enjoys walking through the shows at Brimfield looking for bargains. In this video, he finds unusual and curious collectibles that provide a glimpse into our past.

Furniture Finds at Brimfield

Will Seippel, has been a collector most of his life. He put himself through college buying and selling antiques, and there are few things he enjoys more than hunting and gathering collectibles and antiques at Brimfield. In this video he finds a New England work table, a Victorian walnut bed and smaller items including Victorian drawer pulls.

More Flags at Brimfield

Worthologist Tom Carrier is WorthPoint’s resident flag expert. At the Brimfield antiques and collectibles shows, he finds what he is searching for—some fascinating flags. Tom interviews Rae McCarthy from R&R Collectibles in East Hampton, Mass.

An Indentured Servitude Contract at Brimfield

WorthPoint’s Tom Carrier finds a unique English document from 1799 for an indentured servant and interviews Paul Norton from Hartco Trunks in W. Hartford, Conn.

Hertan’s Antique show at Brimfield

Brimfield’s Antique and Flea Market is actually more than tweny separate antique shows. Hertan’s has one of the best settings and high quality items for sale. Worthologist Thom Pattie interviews David Lamberto, owner and operator of Hertan’s Antique Shows.

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