Neophobia: A Retro Good Time

Outside Neophobia

2855 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA
The name Neophobia, the fear of new things, perfectly reflects owners Amanda Frank and Vic Loisel and their retro collectibles. Creating a unique niche, the shop specializes in 50’s, 60’s, 70’s furnishings, clothing, and collectibles. From vintage clothes to Vistosi hand blown glass lighting to an Art Deco flip bar, Neophobia contains a whole range of affordability. In fact, I find many records for my collection as well as affordable furniture. The high-end collector will also be satisfied at the surprises that await them at Neophobia. Recent sales include rare Gioponti pieces, such as a silver tea service; items unheard of in New Orleans.
This smorgisboard of modern collectibles is not easy to acquire. Neophobia’s stock comes from a range of sources including out of state wholesalers, the internet, and the occasional walk-in seller. Only truly passionate collectors could find and create a place for the plethora of collectibles at Neophobia. Both owners entered the antique business via their personal collections. Vic started his collecting career trying to create his 50’s kitchen. Soon he had no space and started selling the fun and eclectic items he found. After catching the collecting “disease,” Vic partnered with Amanda, moving Neophobia into a new location on Magazine Street over a year ago. Open everyday, Neophobia has benefited from its move with more walk-in traffic; keeping business open is a struggle, but the future looks bright, especially with the tourist season peaking in the next couple months. Next time you are in New Orleans and want a truly special experience, find Neophobia and be transported back in time.