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I am looking for someone who can help me price out some old antique books. Here’s a list of 5:

1.title: writings of Mark twain volume 20, printed: by R. G. Newbegin Company, New York 1901, other info: Underwood edition, also signed by mark twain(authenticated)

2.title: Ben Hur, author:Lew Wallace, copyright 1880 by Harper & brothers, also copyrighted by Henry L. Wallace,
other info, wallace memorial edition.

3.title: Tale of Bali, author: Vicki Baum, translated by: Basil Creighton, printed at the Country lif press, garden city, N.Y., U.S.A.

4.Title: The Practice of Personal Hygiene, By: Clair V. Langgton, Dr.P.H.,F.A.P.H.A. professor of hygeine, Oregon State College, Harper and brothers Publishers New York an London.

5.title: The Intern Ocean, Curiosity Shop for th year 1887.
First edition, printed: The Intern Ocean Publishing co., 85 Madison St., 1888.

If you have any info or rough estimates on the prices of these books please email me at mikeyv@sytek.sytek.com
Thank You

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  1. carrie parsons says:

    When my grandma died we inharited some of her books she read threw out her life. and one cought my eye one day. n i really cant figure out if it might b worth something. this is the book
    americanism, what it is. by david jayne hill, ll.d. d. appleton and company new york london in 1918.coppyrighted in 1916 and 1918. i read part of it and found it to b a good read. just woundering if i should hold onto it? please some one give me a clue. i also got many more to look threw.

  2. I wood like sameone to help me find same price for womans weekly book I have got