Presidential quiz 10-07

American Politics guide
Not everything can be specific to a political campaign. At times, there are equally important collectibles in the pamphlets, newspapers, books and other ephemera that describes a campaign season. This particular item is a pamphlet titled “American Politics, Campaign Guide for the Presidential Election of 1888,” published by Harkness Bros. of Council Bluffs, Iowa. This campaign featured Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland. Incumbent president Grover Cleveland won the popular vote that year but lost the electoral vote, something that wouldn’t happen again until 2000. This League of Women Voters-type guide sets up the campaign issues rather well. What was the final bid price for this campaign piece of ephemera as realized by Proxibid in 2006?

Politics guide

A. $26.25
B. $12.50
C. $$7.50