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Primary and Caucus Schedule

by jimwarlick (12/30/07).
Seal of the next President of the United States

Just so everyone can keep track, I include a complete official primary and caucus season for the 2008 presidential election cycle.

Date State Primary/Caucus/Convention

Jan 3 Iowa caucus
Jan 5 Wyoming (R) convention
Jan 8 New Hampshire primary
Jan 15 Michigan primary
Jan 19 Nevada caucus
Jan 19 South Carolina (R) primary
Jan 26 South Carolina (D) primary
Jan 29 Florida primary
Feb 1 Maine (R) caucus
Feb 5 Alabama primary
Feb 5 Alaska caucus
Feb 5 Arizona primary
Feb 5 Arkansas primary
Feb 5 California primary
Feb 5 Colorado caucus
Feb 5 Connecticut primary
Feb 5 Delaware primary
Feb 5 Georgia primary
Feb 5 Idaho (D caucus
Feb 5 Illinois primary
Feb 5 Kansas (D) caucus
Feb 5 Massachusetts primary
Feb 5 Minnesota caucus
Feb 5 Missouri primary
Feb 5 New Jersey primary
Feb 5 New Mexico (D) primary
Feb 5 New York primary
Feb 5 North Dakota caucus
Feb 5 Oklahoma primary
Feb 5 Tennessee primary
Feb 5 Utah primary
Feb 9 Louisiana primary (D) & caucus (R)
Feb 9 Kansas (R) caucus
Feb 10 Maine (D) caucus
Feb 12 District of Columbia caucus (D) & primary (R)
Feb 12 Maryland primary
Feb 12 Virginia primary
Feb 19 Hawaii (D)* caucus
Feb 19 Washington caucus
Feb 19 Wisconsin primary
Mar 4 Ohio primary
Mar 4 Rhode Island primary
Mar 4 Texas primary
Mar 4 Vermont primary
Mar 8 Wyoming (D) caucus
Mar 11 Mississippi primary
Apr 22 Pennsylvania primary
May 6 Indiana primary
May 6 North Carolina primary
May 13 Nebraska caucus (D) & primary (R)
May 13 West Virginia primary (D) & state convention (R)
May 20 Kentucky primary
May 20 Oregon primary
May 27 Idaho (R) primary
June 3 Montana primary (D) & caucus (R)
June 3 New Mexico (R) primary
June 3 South Dakota primary

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