Quiz 11-04

Unusual 1864 Lincoln/Johnson flag

Campaigns showed their patriotism during the 19th century by imprinting campaign slogans directly onto the U.S. national flag of the time. That would be considered bad form today, but back then it was quite common. This 31-star, “great star” pattern shows that this is a campaign flag from the Lincoln/Johnson campaign of 1864. What’s unusual about this flag is that the text is not silkscreened or printed on the flag itself. Instead, the text is pasted on the flag with printed paper labels. In fact, it seems to show that the paper labels were used to cover text used for the 1860 campaign. Quite unusual. In its 2007 auction notes, Cowan’s Auctions believed this to be a previously unrecorded textile, making this design quite scarce. The flag measures 8 feet by 12 feet and appears to be a silkscreen on muslin. The estimate of this flag was placed from $6,000 to $8,000. What was the final auction price for this unusual campaign flag?

Lincoln campaign flag

A. $4,700
B. $6,800
C. $7,250