Rare “Sac Dollar” Error Coin Discovered

It may come as a surprise to individuals outside the coin-collecting world that extremely rare and valuable US coins are still being minted today. These coins come in the form of mis-strikes or error coins caused by human or mechanical failure in the minting process. Billions of U.S. coins are produced annually. That breaks down to more than 40 million coins produced per day, so errors are bound happen no matter what measures are taken (www.coinsite.com).

In November 2007, a reward of $10,000 was offered by the Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com) to view and certify a Sacagawea Dollar error coin found in circulation by Andrew Moores of Lakewood, Colorado. His 2007 Sacagawea Sac Dollar bears “In God We Trust” around the edge of the coin. This feature found on Presidential Dollars is not supposed to be on a Sac Dollar. Andrew‚s coin is the first example of this error to be identified and verified.

WorthPoint asked Glen Burger, a specialist on error coins, to explain how the Sac Dollar error may have occurred. He speculated:

“Hypothetically, It looks like there are three processes this coin went through.

First, the planchet or blank was created. Planchets are blank slugs stamped from metal that coins are struck from. The blanks for the Sacagawea and the Presidential Dollars look the same. They are exactly the same material and the same size and that‚s where the problem began.

Second, this coin was struck as a Sacagawea Dollar. bsp;Then it could have been jammed in a tote bin, which was used first for Sacagawea Dollars and then later for Presidential Dollars.

Third, the final process happened when Presidential Dollars (which were already struck) were stored in the same tote bin where the Sacagawea coin was jammed. The Presidential Dollars went through another process where the words “In God We Trust” and the date were added to the edge of the coin.”

Coin experts had actually anticipated this Sac Dollar anomaly. Since the Sacagawea and Presidential Dollars come from the same planchet, it created the possibility for this error.

When asked about the rarity of this coin Glen Burger replied, “Well the Sacagawea Dollar hasn’t been very popular. It is possible that this is the only one or there could be sacks of these some place yet to be put into circulation.”

It‚s interesting to note that the U.S. Mint is not striking the Sacagawea Dollar for general circulation in 2007. These coins may be purchased at the mint in bags or rolls, but they cost considerably more than face value, making this coin very peculiar to find in circulation.

  • ana

    How much is a dollar coin worth without a year????

  • was there any sacagawea dollors that does not have a year stamped on it i have one i can’t fond a year on it

    • kayla

      there worth $1. they all say in god we trust, this one said it around the rim of the coin.

  • rhia

    i have five of sac-dollar with the ‘in god we trust’ on them how much would they be worth now all made in 2000

  • I have found a Sacagawea with missing lettering around the coin. I think I can read 2009 but nothing else. I have used a magifying glass. I was wondering if this coin is of value
    I can take a picture and send image if necessary

  • chris

    Sacagawea Dollars errors, no date on the face of the coin, but one on the side. Is that normal? 2009 coin.

  • I found a Sacagawea Dollar in the mint set I received from the mint this yeas, ( 2010 ). There is no lettering or date on the side as there should be. Any idea as to the value?? I will be going to the Dalton, Georga coin show this week-end Sunday to have ICG grade and slab it. I need to have a good idea as to the value.

  • I have a 2000 sacagawea coin w/in god we trust not in perfect shape what value is it

  • Julie

    I have a 2010 sac with a haudenosaunee band on the back, not the normal liberty with torch. This coin has IN GOD WE TRUST behind her ear like you see on the old quarters and it’s stamped E PLURIBUS UNUM with the stars and 2010 date around the edge. I’m trying to get info on this coin.

  • I have a blank Sacagawea coin nothing printed on it does anyone know if it is worth anything ?

  • I have a sacagawea dollar with no date on it and she is harvesting corn on the back side. It’s in mint condition. What is the value?

  • Maggie Turnipseed

    Your coin is likely struck after 2008, and the date is on the edge The year of issue, mint mark, and motto E Pluribus Unum are found on the edge of the coin instead of on the obverse or reverse sides.

    Take a look and let me know if ths is true with you coin.
    Thank you for using WorthPoint!

    • Janet Stern

      I have a coin like you describe here. Year 2010 E Pluribus UNUM and stars stamped on the edge with a band that almost looks like wheat straw on the reverse side of the coin. The face side has In God We Trust stamped behind her ear. Can you tell me what if any value does this coin hold?
      Thank You,
      Janet Stern

  • John R Keenan Jr

    I have a sacagawea dollar with no year or mint letter, what can it be worth ?

    • Maggie Turnipseed

      The date should be found on the edge of the coin. If there is no Mint letter is made at the Philadelphia Mint.
      Thank you for using WorthPoint!

  • Roxanne Henry

    Is my 1918 penny with the letter s under the year worth anything also my 1944 penny with the wheat side bronze and the other side seems to be silver.

  • HELLO,

  • Me

    Ive been doing reasearch on my 2000 P Sacagawea dollar coin. One site said it was worth 20,000 dollars IF IT HAD TAIL DETAILS. Mine has no reverse details on the tail. Is my coin worth anything but a dollar? Please e-mail me as i will problably loose this tab. Specialsparkley@yahoo.com

  • Me

    I have a sac coin with no date.Well on the edge it says E PLURIBUS UNUM with 10 stars and it says 2010.Is it worth anything?

  • Scott Scholz

    I have an unstruck gold colored dollar coin that was from a vending machine. It looks to be in really good shape. It has a protruding rounded edge (not just rounded, but they do go out a little bit), is completely blank on both sides and has no lettering on the edges of the coin. I also received 3 Denver 2010 Millard Filmore dollar coins with it. Is this worth much? I keep seeing online anywhere from $4 to $10000 for awfully similar, yet different coins.

  • As stated I have 2009 Sac with writing around edge with stars is there any value? If so, an estimate would help.

  • Kirsta

    I have this coin but what is the value of it.

  • sergio

    A friend has a Sacagawea with the same face in both faces!!! How much is worth? I mean is not an eagle in the back, in both: Obverse and back is the Sacagawea´s face.

  • I have a friend that has a Sacagawea coin that has no date in front of coin but has a date in back of coin the year 1621 is this coin worth more than a dallor?

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