The thrill of the hunt…

nice to see you! come again
puzzling? isn't it
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Puzzled about collecting? I do believe every one of us is or has been puzzled about why people collect what they do!

Salt and pepper shakers, roosters, cows, coins, baseball cards, comic books, match books, vintage sneakers and more…we can’t get enough!!!

Everyone does collect something no matter how insignificant. Since the beginning of time man has been a hunter, whether for food, shelter or an easier way of life. Today with everything moving so fast we still have the desire to hunt and the thrill of it is the driving force. It is our escape.

Just think for a moment, if you are attending a trade show and walk around for hours and what seems like miles. You are there to find, hunt out that item or items that everyone else has walked by. Being a selective and intellectual hunter proves your knowledge, perception and ability has been better than anyone else there. How could they have missed this? This is the thrill of the hunt, the same way our ancestors felt when trying to survive.

So today when you sit comfortably look at all your treasures what do you think about? How fortunate you are to have them? Or the memories that are associated with the hunt?

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  1. Chris Hughes says:

    As a collector I totally identify with your “thrill of the hunt” analogy.
    The feelings of anticipation and anxiety when bidding at an auction are physiologically identical to the triggers that occur when our early ancestors hunted (and were hunted by) animals in the wild. The pounding chest, sweating palms, dry mouth, etc are the result of our bodies’ parasympathetic nervous system preparing us to fight or flight.

    Recently, I was bidding on an auction and I had already determined what I was going to bid. This was an item I had wanted for my personal collection for at least 10 years, so I was very excited. My body went through physical torment during the bidding. When the smoke cleared, I was the owner of the item, and I had won it for far less than what I had been prepared to spend. Once I realized the item was mine a rush flowed through my body. I was weak in the knees and I had to go sit down! For me, the hunt was over and I had to rest and let my adrenaline surge subside.