Vice Presidential Guest Pins

Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980, reverse
Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980s
Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980

Just as the Secret Service provides a specially designed lapel pin to frequent guests to the White House, the Secret Service also provides similar lapel pins to guests of the vice president of the United States.

Oddly enough, these are rarer to find than the presidential ones as they do not often appear very often in private sales or public auctions. I have only these two examples of vice presidential guest pins while my presidential guest pin blog shows ten. Like the presidential ones, the vice presidential guest pins are occasionally numbered either on the front of the pin or on the reverse as shown above.

These guest pins have been out of Secret Service inventory for at least a generation and do no longer represent a controlled item. However, those with similar pins for any Administration for the past 10 years should not advertise or sell these pins either in private or public auction as they may still be considered a controlled item.

  • jgold

    Tom – I recently acquired from the estate of a deceased civil service agent 4 vice presidential guest pins. Based on what was in the house, they are Clinton era or earlier. Two are a dark green; one is light green; and one is orange. I am interested in selling them, and would like an idea of value and how to go about doing so.

    I also obtained other pins that might be of interest, and I would appreciate your assistance identifying them and their value. There is a vice presidential seal pin with Walter Mondale’s signature on the back. There is a Presidential seal pin, with Bill Clinton’s signature on the back. There is a presidential seal pin with Jimmy Carter’s signature on the back. There is a small gold pin with Jimmy Carter’s signatue on the front, and there is a small presidential seal pin with ruffled edges but no name on the back.

    There are also some small inaugaral pins.

    Thanks, Jeff

  • hefneence

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  • Tamara Boyll-Olah

    I have a question on an actual “President of the United States” pin. How rare is it to find those? One has come into my possession and if my mom’s story is correct, it came from President Ronald Reagan about six months after he had been shot.

  • Re

    Tom my husband and I just bought an estate and have come accross a frame which reads 100 years of presidential pins. It appears that all the pins are in place. I would like to know what a set like this is worth. Thanks you

  • Hello Tom,

    I’ve reading all the posts. I have the presidential guest PIN no. 850 when Kennedy came to CR, there was no secret service or army and still there is none in CR, belongs to my father in law more than 25 years ago, he was choosen by Kennedy himself since then, he was the Central American Judo Champion, I am trying to look for infirmation of the pin or the number on it, I was reading that every number is unique and is a way to identify who it was given to, I really will love to see my father’s in law name on the security guest service list in Kennedy time, could you please help me???…. Thank you so much.

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