What is with these people

At the risk of sounding like the world biggest cry baby I am going to lay it out here. What is with these thrift stores and charity organizations asking higher than retail for there donated items! Take the Goodwill for example. There CEO is a very rich man. The people who are working there are always the same people, they never advance, they never “improve” their skills and they are kept at very low salaries. Year after year the same people work there and they never seem to advance. What job skills are they getting? Cash register experience? Yet all their items are way over priced and all the good stuff they ship out of auction houses. Hmmm how does that provide any real job skills? They spend a fortune on getting appraisal from professional just to make sure that they don’t undersell their items. But do they offer the workers training in becoming appraisers, gemologist, historians? No way.
I recently checked out the “Childcare’s Orthopedic Thrift Store” They had a Tiffany necklace priced at 350.00!. I asked if it gets marked down after sitting in the display box a while. The lady said no, never. It will just moved it around to different stores or put it up for an internet auction. So I am thinking to myself. “Wow how greedy can you get.” I priced out the same necklace and found that it was priced 20% above the going price on Ebay. Then my second thought was “Gee it is too bad that the sucker to donated the item does not get a piece of that profit”.
These charity outfits get all this stuff for free and they have the nerve not to offer the treasure hunters, shopper and dealer a good deal. That is just wrong. I am seriously thinking about wearing a sandwich sign and marching up and down the side walk in front of these places offer a fair cash price for donations to the people pulling up with their boxes and bags to “donate”.
As far as I can see these CEO’s of these non-profit organizations are more than profiting from the good intentions of people wanting to give to help out the poor. They certainly are not interested in providing ” shoppers” a bargain. Then they have pickers skim the good stuff off for themselves.

Anyway that is my gripe for year. Now I got it out of my system.
Anyone feel the same? Or should I be ashamed of myself for being a poor sport?

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  1. Debra Conrad says:

    Wow – you must be shopping at the wrong thrift stores.

    We love the thrift stores we shop at. Most of the inventory is priced so low – it’s amazing. Our local thrift stores must not be out for the “big bucks”. 😉