What’s New on Antiques and Collectibles Television?

As enthusiasts of the Great Find, today’s reality television gives all a chance to enjoy the thrill of the hunt with professional pickers and antique stalkers. Whether the terrain is old barns, flea markets or abandoned storage units, if you’ve got an hour, you’re bound to see something that will get your collecting juices flowing.

One of the new crop of shows is HGTV’s “Cash and Cari,” about estate liquidator Cari Cucksey, who uses the program to showcases her talent for finding hidden treasures in garages, attics, flea markets and anywhere else she can get a look.

Among the items Cari has recently uncovered are pieces that also show up in the WorthPoint Worthpedia (items pictured are similar to the ones featured on the various shows):

Bowling Alley Machine

1887 Elgin Pocket Watch

1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Meanwhile, on the Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings”—which showcases one of the country’s most storied auction houses, Gallery 63, in suburban Atlanta—owner Paul Brown and his crew get a new cashe of unique items every week. Some of the interesting and thought-provoking items to come through the door at Gallery 63 include:

WWI Boy Scout War Bonds Poster

Martin Luther King, Jr. signature

And on a recent “American Pickers” on the History Channel, the guys dug through a huge, deserted storage unit in New York City. Among the treasures they pulled from the jam-packed space were:

Carnival Banner by Fred Johnson

W.F. Mangels - Coney Island Kiddie Whip Car

The “Antiques Roadshow on PBS always comes through with unknown riches, including a beauty like this:

Newcomb College Pottery Vase

Is there an item that you have seen on one of these shows that sticks with you? I remember one Roadshow episode when someone brought in an old engraved helmet found in the rafters of an old barn that turned out to be an Italian Renaissance-period parade helmet worth some $400,000. It’s enough to get you off your sofa and out looking for an old barn to search through.

Gregory Watkins is the editor of WorthPoint.


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  1. N. Siegler says:

    I guess I like looking and learning about “old stuff” because, it makes me feel connected to the people that have been here before me. I don’t want to own or pocess all the cool old stuff I see but, I do want to know its past and its secrets. Once in awhile I wish to pocess something but, looking and viewing and following shows like Antique Roadshow is more about wonder and the excitement of kind of knowing those who came before me than anything else. Sure thinking that maybe something exciting and valuable could cross my path is fun and well I guess that the point too,….simple ole fun. Its an adventure for the mind and spirit that can inspire and inform visiting one’s neighborhood flea market and so the more programs that enlighten, the better!