Why do you collect?

I meet a lot of people in my travels as a Salesman. I have met people that collect the strangest items, some really valuable, some pretty much worthless. After seeing random collections of everything, I have become fascinated with why we collect the things we do. I collect for the history and feel of an item. Price plays a big part into my collecting as I only have limited funds to purchase collectibles. But my main reason is the history and mystique of an item. What has this item seen?, Where has it been?, Who has owned it? How was it used? These are all questions I find I ask myself when I see interesting collectible items. Value of an item plays little into my obtaining an item. I try to buy items based on appeal, as a marble collector this is my only resource. Marbles are a very tough and vague in the identification game, leaving the common collector with lite knowledge no choice but to collect by eye appeal. In marbles it is said “beauty commands premiums”. So, I am curious as to why you collect. Please respond and share your thoughts and feelings.