Why I Love Yard Sales

Yard sales sometimes offer a jackpot for collectors. You’ve probably seen the stories on Antiques Roadshow about people who’ve purchased art, tapestries, vases, or figurines by the side of the road for very modest amounts. Then it turns out that their finds from 20 years ago, which have been stashed in a closet, are actually worth thousands. So my first reason for loving yard sales is the possibility of a discovery that could be worth big bucks.

I very much enjoy the social anthropology of people selling things they no longer want or need. It’s an up close and personal way to study the customs, family organization and patterns of consumption of your neighbors! It would be great to read a PhD dissertation on this topic. I like to see the overall landscape – baby furniture, books, popcorn poppers, record albums (!), old jewelry, computer parts, posters, Tupperware. The second reason I brake for yard sales is the voyeuristic view the into that family’s life.

My sense of taste is a bit offbeat. I’m partial to purple and other bright colors, I wear large pins and loud scarves. Every once in a while I go in for a hat. I like clothes from the 60’s and 70’s. I’m always on the lookout for real tie-dye, peace signs and items that express my inner self. My third reason for being a yard sale junkie is that I can almost always find something that speaks uniquely to me – for less than $3!