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WorthPoint is in a unique position to be the major source for information for all manner of antiques and collectibles from Mickey Mouse watches to Louis XVI armoires. The ability to search through sales records of over 300 auction companies should itself be the first step in evaluating the value of your one item or entire collection. Or you can talk directly to a Worthologist, a recognized expert in the field, who will provide individual evaluations at any time. Once you have determined value, though, what if you wanted to sell it? Can WorthPoint help with that? Thom Pattie, chief Worthologist of WorthPoint, says yes.

Say you have a one of a kind Louis XVI armoire. You know it has a great value and you need to sell it as part of an estate, for example. “In the Premier Brokering process, we shepherd the item through the entire process from the person posting the question on Ask the Worthologist,” says Pattie, “telling them how to photograph the item and what kind of photographs we need. We submit those to the auction companies, get the replies back, establish their terms, and other things that we can do to add value for the member.”

And it works. Just ask Tammy of Boulder, Colo. She picked up this unusual cityscape painting from a dumpster while working as a property manager about 10 years ago. She kept it, but she doesn’t know why. After seeing a local station talking about WorthPoint, she wrote in to ask if her painting had value. To Pattie, a trained auctioneer for 40 years, it did; it most definitely did. Pattie placed a value of her dumpster painting at well over $10,000.

The artist, Takanori Oguiss, a landscape artist of the 1930s, has always sold well at auction, Pattie determined through initial research. Auction companies sent in bids of $40,000 to $60,000, but after further research, Pattie determined that Sotheby’s has sold most of his work over the years. With an auctioneer’s ease, he came back with a Sotheby’s estimate of $70,000 to $90,000. “The end result was—seven months later—the painting that was sitting in a closet for 10 years, sold at Sotheby’s for $103,000,” Pattie says.

Makes you wonder what’s been sitting in your closet, doesn’t it?

For all that work and expertise, there must have been a cost to Tammy. “WorthPoint does charge a premium to the member,” says Pattie. “In the Premium Brokering Plan, we have a contract agreement that takes them through every phase of what we’re doing. It explains the percentage, which is 5 percent of the gross selling price.” But, if the item doesn’t sell or doesn’t sell at the reserve, then the member is not charged by WorthPoint at all.

So, here are the steps for a successful brokering opportunity through WorthPoint: Send a detailed description of the item that includes lots of photographs and all the measurements; Provide as much provenance as possible through letters or stories as you know it.

With online auction sales to review, experts to talk to, and now an experienced brokerage system to help sell when its time, WorthPoint is the one place you can go to find the worth of your item, anytime.

Watch a video of Thom Pattie discussing WorthPoint’s consignment services here.

Tom Carrier is a general Worthologist, with an expertise in a wide variety of subjects.

WorthPoint: Get the Most from Your Antiques & Collectibles.

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  1. Rhonda Palmer says:

    Please send any email information to the address I am using at this time.

  2. Lorri Baker says:

    I have several Jewish paintings and lithos, original signed, dated, numbered, etc. Is there a market for these?

    I also have California Ware pottery and some post war made in japan pieces that I would like to submit for estimate and Consignment sale.

  3. I have 2 gallys full of antiques I would like to sell, so if someone would like to contact me. Feel free to do so. I own a antique restoration shop in the DC area. Colonial Restoration Studio


  4. Anna Pearl May says:

    I have a large quantity of sterling silver and sterling silver flatware (Stekff Corsage pattern), including a solid silver wedding basket circa 1800. I also have a Steinway grand piano, built in New York on March 8, 1918, mahogoany, that I would like to sell. I have many musseum quality pieces in my home in addition to another house with some primitive pieces, along with the loft of a barn half full of furniture. Can you advise me on what I should do if I want to dispose of these items?

    Thank you,
    Anna Pearl May
    Rentz, GA
    478-290-7495 or 478-984-4442

  5. E. Peyton Wooldridge says:

    I have downsized and have some “family pieces” which may be of interest to people seeking Southern antiques. I do not have photo capacity at present, but am working to get this arranged. E.Peyton

  6. William Shulenberger says:

    I hae a genuine Charles Dickens artifact that I wish to sell. Can you tell me how to get the most for it?

  7. Glynis says:

    I have some old records,coins,books and two lithographs of ships that I think may be worth something to someone and they are just collecteing dust.Please take me through the process of selling them step by step.

  8. Debra says:

    I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE 7 DAY TRIAL WHICH I COULD NEVER GET TO WORK. BECAUSE, I HAve SOME URGENT QUESTIONS ABOUT ITEMS THAT WILL GO TO AN ESTATE AUCTION SOON WITHOUT AN APPRAISAL. THE 7 DAYS ARE ALREADY UP AND NOW I am a paying customer without so much as an idea about how to get an online opinion about various things including an ancient bible translated from the original tounges with the number of printed copies on the inside cover sheet instead of any copyright. Would this mean that they are the only copies, or a first printing? I also have a 1927 first copy of the story “Wings” with photos from the film staring Clara Bow. I have a copy of a book on Human sexuality printed by the Eugenics Society of New York, A 1914 first edition of a book called The United States in Prophecy which could have been written yesterday, so relevant are it’s descriptions of Government corruption, Banker fraud and dark predictions that the end is near and the U.S. is the apocalyptic Babylon in scripture. Could you please respond Thankyou

  9. old time sewing machine NEWHOME with stand. And a old time slicer machine that you hand turn wheelblade to cut.

  10. kathy says:

    Hi; I purchased a beautiful buffett this fall at an auction. Bought it only because I liked it. Had no idea until taking it home that it had been made by the Red Wing Furniture Co. in Red Wing MN. I live in WI just across the border. I have tried to find info on the internet but have not been successful. I was told by a collector that I should go to the Historical Society of Goodhue County. I did last week and to my surprise they had some catalogs from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Found a picture very similar to mine but no other info. I went to a suggested antique dealer and he was very surprised that I would have a piece like this. In his opinion it is “museum worthy”. Does anybody else know anything of this co.

  11. Dawn Ahern says:

    I have a few different items one is a very large mirror,which would be difficult and expensive to ship anywhere. I have a pair of coachlamps, they are brass and have all thier glass panes, decorative tops, my mother bought them years ago, does anyone know what they are worth? I also have a clock from her grandmother it’s numbered 035 on the back, I located some like it that wre worth 5,000. working w/key, how could I sell this and the coach lamps?

  12. Joyce says:

    I have a Louis XV or XVI chair with printed pictures on the chair seat and on inside back. I have seen an imitation chair in a magazine. This one I bought from an elderly couple at a neighborhood garage sale. A beautiful chair and I would love to find out it’s value.

  13. Robert Caulkins says:

    I see many questions, but no answers to them. How does one find out what an item’s value may be and submit that item for consignment?

    • Tom Carrier says:


      Usually questions of this type are different than the general questions we receive on whether an item has value. The reason is that if you are looking for a value on an item of consignment, it has already been determined to be a value more than $2500 or so. And that has to be determined by a Worthologist before being sent to auction.

      The auction values would be necessarily be reported in the blog section once it has been completed.

      If you have a particular item with a relatively high auction value, then go to WorthPoint.com directly to ask about the services of our highly experienced Worthologists that best understands your item. We’ll take it from there.

      All the best.

      Tom Carrier

    • Maggie Turnipseed says:

      Thank you for the photos of your items. I will get back to you after I do a bit of research.

  14. holly mahoney says:

    We have several “Art and Archtecture” published by George Barrie blue books 14.5″x19.5″ all containing the original etchings by F.L.Kirkpatrick and other artist.They are from “World’s Columbian Exposition” and dated 1893.We also have the tickets that my great Grandmother used to get in at the World’s Fair where this was held. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. Maggie Turnipseed says:

    Your books sound interesting. I suggest that you start with our Ask a Worthologist service, we can give you a valuation for your books. The Cost is $19.99. Here is a link where you can request your valuation…… https://www.worthpoint.com/askWorthologist/index
    With just a few photos and a little additional information we can answer your questions.

  16. Lovey Strohl says:

    I have a circa 1890 J DUMOULIN 8c model 1905 shotgun made in Leige Belgium, can any body tell me its value?

  17. please send me information regarding brokering & consignment with Worth Point! i am very interested and by looking at my web-site integrated with Go Antiques, you will be able to know and view our inventory! i also have private collector’s with valuable objects and items as well…. thank you,

    nazanin katouzian
    Carefree Interiors

  18. michael l. smith says:

    I inherited this chinese handcarved rosewood table.It has a
    marble top with ivory inlet around the edge,three dragon heads as the stand and a dragon wrapped around the center of the stand.I would like to consign,but don`t know much about it`s worth.Can someone help me.I can send pictures
    Thanks, MICHAEL