The WorthPoint Widget – Get Yours Today

The WorthPoint Widget -- Get Yours Today

As the WorthPoint Product Development Manager I get to work on all aspects of our site. One of the more enjoyable projects is the design and development of our widget. You can see it over here in our right rail ——->

Our widget development team is led by Jeremy Ancog who has a deep background in graphic design and Flash development. Being a social network junkie like myself, he utilizes such services as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster. (Speaking of Facebook, look for the WorthPoint page there soon and become a fan. We’ll announce it here when available.) He also has experience as a Second Life developer, skills I hope to take advantage of in the future. All of this experience and interest come to bear on this effort. We look forward to where he and his team takes our widget in the coming months.

Our plans for the widget in the coming weeks include deployment to MySpace and Facebook, and a widget configuration page where you can choose the type of feed you want displayed. Future enhancements will include more choices in data feeds, increased designs to choose from, and calendaring functionality to display upcoming events.

The code to deploy the widget using our standard feed is currently available. Last night I embeded the widget in my personal blog and it fit quite nicely. If you would like to use it on your own site the code is listed below. Let me know if you employ it so we can promote your site.

We are interested in what you think could be improved in our widget. Please let us know what you think.




Embed this line in your sites HTML templates for the WorthPoint widget:

<div id=”flashcontent_xmlwidget”><embed
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=””
style=”” id=”xmlwidget” name=”xmlwidget” quality=”high”
wmode=”transparent” flashvars=”env=”
height=”300″ width=”200″></div>