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Apples to Apples: Comparing Genuine Chinese Export Silver to Fakes and Phonies

There is a cartoon that has been circulating in China that features two men and four baskets of apples. On each basket is the Apple computer company logo. One man asks the other: “Buddy, are you authorized to sell Apple?” to which the other replies “Authorized?” The reason behind this cartoon is that Chinese authorities […]

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The California Gold Rush’s Effect on Chinese Silver and Hong Kong

加州淘金热对中国银器和香港的影响 The more it is researched, the more Chinese Export Silver is shown to be by far the most complex and diverse silver category. It is virtually impossible to pick up an item of this silver without it being far more than what its outward appearance conveys. Picking up a piece of Chinese Export Silver […]

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Bidders Can Travel around the World of Antiquities at Artemis Gallery’s Auction

BOULDER, CO – Artemis Gallery LIVE will get the jump on the Ides of March with an auction of fine antiquities, Pre-Columbian, Far Eastern, Native-American and ethnographic art on March 14, 2014. “This auction is truly special,” said Teresa Dodge, owner of Artemis Gallery LIVE. “Our usual offering of authentic ancient art is complemented by […]

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