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Video: Making the Most of Your Holiday Thrifting Buys (11/19/13)
holiday hangout 2Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith of Thrifting with the Boys—who offer tips on buying low at thrift shops and reselling … More >>

From America to Estonia: Finding the Hidden/True/Lost Value of Antiques (11/12/13)
Exterior of Log Cabin upon purchaseI bought my first antique in 1977; the year my son was born. It was a late 19th-century oak sideboard … More >>

Hurricane Sandy Anniversary Reminds Us to Protect What We Collect (11/12/13)
Flooded House in Soomaa, EstoniaA little more than a year ago, on Oct. 29, Hurricane Sandy pounded the entire U.S. eastern seaboard from Florida … More >>

Papal Games: If You Can’t be the Pope, at Least You can Play one at Home (2/28/13)
vatican closeupFolks don’t tend to resign from the office of the Pope, the Bishop of Rome and the appointed worldwide leader … More >>

Collect Games if You Like, but Remember They’re a Wonderful Way to Connect (12/21/12)
Holiday Games Photo 4Over the many words that I’ve been writing about collectible tabletop and video games here at WorthPoint, I’ve tried to … More >>

One Game to Rule Them All: An Authentic Tolkien Middle-Earth Experience (12/17/12)
hobbitThis Christmas season at the movies finds Middle-Earth returning to screens in the first installment of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of … More >>

Baking Cookies and Making Paper Chains: It’s Just Family Christmas Traditions (12/11/12)
vintage felt elvesI started thinking about Christmas traditions when my sister-in-law recently purchased an “Elf on the Shelf” for her children. My … More >>

Fit to be Tied: Father of American Fly Fishing Theodore Gordon’s Tying Vice (11/29/12)
tgstreamIf there is a crown jewel for the fly tier, the vice once owned by Theodore Gordon might be the … More >>

Digging on Antique Bottles: Start a Collection with Glass Ink Pots (5/8/12)
IMG_9111Many advanced collectors of early American glass bottles will tell you the category they first started collecting was ink bottles. … More >>

Monsters in the Afternoon: Collecting ‘Dark Shadows’ Memorabilia (5/8/12)
Jonathan Frid portrayed the 200-year-old vampire in the 1966-71 gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. Johnny Depp has reprised the rMention the words “soap opera” and many people will think of tales involving attractive, globe-trotting couples, steamy romantic trysts, back-stabbing … More >>

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