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This Week in Geek 10/07/09 (10/7/09)
Bloom CountyI have to take a moment here to eat some crow. Not too long ago I was responsible for a … More >>

Collecting the Omega Speedmaster is All About the Details (9/29/09)
A Professional model Omega Speedmaster, with spearpoint second hand. The Speedmaster is one of the most challenging modern watches to collect because the number of changes made to the line over the last 50 years.I have been a collector and a dealer in watches for more than 35 years. It is said that collecting … More >>

Tells Give Away ‘Not Quite Authentic’ Antique Scrimshaw (9/23/09)
Image #1 - Good Old Soule obvI recently acquired a scrimshawed whale tooth, knowing full-well that it was NOT an antique, despite the scribed date of … More >>

From Rock ‘N’ Roll to the Circus: Feld Follows the Path of P.T. Barnum (9/22/09)
The cover of the souvenir program for “The Biggest Show of Stars for ’57.” This program is a cross collectible, sought-after by circus collectors and rock & roll collectors alike. It has a value of $25 to $50. Hard to find window cards for this show are valued in excess of $100.Collectors of circus memorabilia do just that—collect items from circuses past and present. However, there are some items that are … More >>

Regular Maintenance for Antique Furniture – a List of ‘Should Do’s’ (9/22/09)
Custom made table pads have a heat resistant core, a soft “meet the furniture” side and a waterproof upper crust.Over the last 30 years of repairing and restoring antique and collectible furniture, many questions have come from my customers … More >>

Antique Furniture Marriage Proposal: How to Tell if Different Pieces Have Been Wed (9/15/09)
This contraption of a kitchen work table is the top two drawer section of an Empire-period chest, legs from who knows what, and a walnut top that has been made to fit. This is more than 	just a marriage! Tall bookcase secretaries are very impressive, not to mention expensive, especially if they are old and in great condition. The … More >>

Eltham Palace Is Really an Art Deco Dream Palace (9/15/09)
It may not look like it from the outside, but Eltham Palace is an Art Deco fanThe 1930s are remembered by many people as a time of poverty and high unemployment. The economic difficulties of that … More >>

Jump Into Collecting Books: Investing in Modern and Current First Editions (9/14/09)
First edition of “Carrie”If you are looking for an investment you can enjoy on a rainy day is relatively easy to get into … More >>

Basic Training for Those Starting an American Toy Soldier Collection (9/9/09)
A toy soldier riding a motorcycle made by Barclay, one of the original American toy soldier manufacturers.For many of today’s adults, lead soldiers are toys that our parents or grandparents played with. By the time they … More >>

Heralds Promote Circuses Coming to Town, Tear Down ‘Inferior’ Competition (9/8/09)
Ken Maynard’s Wild West Circus and Indian Congress toured in 1936 and featured the motion picture, western star in person. Value is $50-$75.Circus heralds and couriers stand out among all the advertising pieces produced by the traveling shows of the Golden Age. … More >>

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