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The Origin of the COMEX Rolex ‘Sea Dweller’ Diver’s Watch (9/8/09)
Rolex "Sea Dweller"During the late 1960s, in collaboration with COMEX—a France-based professional dive company—Rolex developed its “Submariner” model to meet the most … More >>

Have a Yen for Goofies, Ringers and Igloos? — You’ve Been Bitten by the Button Bug (9/2/09)
A collection of Victorian buttons, including a gorgeous high relief Geisha with Parasol, cranes with a tree and a Samurai made of brass and copper. In a St. Louis hotel elevator during a convention, several women were talking about the judging of their trays of … More >>

Even if you Can’t Hit ’Em Straight, You Can Still Find ’Em and Collect ’Em (9/1/09)
A golf ball with the Old Bushwood Country Club logo.Creating a logo golf ball collection is easy. Adding to it takes a little ingenuity. Ask me. I know from … More >>

Getting Down to the ABCs of Learning and Collecting (9/1/09)
These old wooden toy blocks, made in the early 20th century,  feature letters of the alphabet, as well as drawings of animals, etc. Some of them are faded and the edges are worn. While many kids across the country have already gone back to school, and others are joyously trying to use up … More >>

Uncommon Railroad Watches: Challenging Collections to Complete (8/25/09)
A Waltham watch made for the Lehigh Valley Railroad with the railraod company logo.Railroad watches were produced in prodigious quantities by nearly all the American watch companies, starting in 1870 and running right … More >>

Taking a Peek at Antique Furniture Keyhole Accessories (8/25/09)
The circular wooden escutcheons on these keyholes are from the Renaissance Revival period of the 1870s/1880. Then top half of the upper escutcheon is broken off.When you examine almost any older or antique piece of furniture which has doors, drawers, a drop front, a tambour … More >>

Duck, Duck, Goose II: A. Elmer Crowell Decoys Realize High Prices at Auction (8/25/09)
A nesting Canada goose by A. Elmer Crowell (1862-1952) sold for $661,250 at auction last month. (Photo courtesy Copley Fine Art Auctions)On July 15 and 16 of this year, Copley Fine Art Auctions held its sporting sale in Plymouth, Ma. Among … More >>

What Did You Read As a Child? Collecting Memories (8/19/09)
1962’s “A Wrinkle in Time”Avid readers and book collectors all have one thing in common—they were inspired by their childhood favorites. We learned to … More >>

Advertising History: The Origin of ‘Nipper,’ the RCA Victor Dog (8/18/09)
Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph,” painted by Francis Barraud, would become one of the best know advertising images in the world.“Nipper,” the RCA Victor advertising dog, was one of the most familiar advertising icons of the early 20th century. The … More >>

‘The Circus Is Coming!’ Circus Couriers Whet Communities’ Appetites (8/17/09)
This 1938 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey courier is 16 pages in length and is fairly common.“The circus is coming!” It was the cry of every kid who heard the news that the circus was coming … More >>

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