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Where’s Will? – Ross’ Garage Sale Warehouse (2/25/10)
A photo of Bob Lang and other members of the Wild Weasel, and F-4 squadron in Viet Nam.  Will purchased this pilot’s flight gear, as well as some 1,000 photos from Ross Kapstein’s Garage Sale Warehouse in Atlanta. WorthPoint CEO and President Will Seippel will be traveling to numerous antique and collectibles shows throughout 2010. He will … More >>

Find of the Week: Steiff Siamy Siamese Cat (2/24/10)
Here’s the “cat’s meow” of Rebekah’s Steiff cat collection, a 15 cm Siamy from 1953-1954.Cats are truly a legacy species for the Steiff Company. Felines of practically every breed, shape, and size have been … More >>

Minor Book Repairs – Sprucing Up Your Old Friends (2/18/10)
It is okay to do some minor maintenance on some old books, like that beloved Hardy Boys copy you’ve had since the 7th grade. Favorite old books are like friends. But they can start to show wear with handling and age. While restoration of … More >>

Top 10 Worthopedia Searches for January, 2010 (2/18/10)
Pure White Hennessy Cognac bottle.OK . . . I have been asked sooo many times about what are people looking for when they come … More >>

Bid Up – Auction Terminology (2/11/10)
Live auctions can be a lot of fun. Just be sure you are prepared for the terminology used so casually during the sale by the auction house.Buying goods at auction is one of the most common ways dealers acquire inventory for their shops. It is one … More >>

Find of the Week: Steiff Foxy Fox Terrier (2/11/10)
This is what Steiff calls “Foxy Fox” terrier. This particular Foxy is 10 centimeters tall, is stuffed with excelsior, and is in a sitting position.There is nothing more thrilling to most collectors than to find a dream item in a most unexpected place. As … More >>

Buyer Beware: Recognizing the Different Types of New ‘Antiques’ (2/8/10)
This is an example of Franciscan Apple—one of the most popular dinnerware patterns ever made. I was introduced in 1940, and because it is still in production today, you need to be able to tell the difference in vintage Franciscan Apple and more modern items.The popularity of antiques and collectibles has naturally resulted in the creation of copies. It’s a sad fact that almost … More >>

Where’s Will? – Militaria-Heavy Chattanooga Estate Sale (2/4/10)
One of the photos Will bought at the John Smickle estate sale in Chattanooga, Tenn., was this one showing Generals George S. Patton (left), George C. Marshall (trench coat), Omar Bradley (over Marshall’s shoulder) and Dwight D. Eisenhower (center), watching former concentration camp prisoners demonstrating tortures used on them. WorthPoint CEO and President Will Seippel will be traveling to numerous antique and collectibles shows throughout 2010. He will … More >>

Elastic Storage: Multi-Section Stacking Bookcases (2/2/10)
This stamped label started it all. This original Wernicke label shows the earliest patent date of 1892.Almost every antiques auction sooner or later has one. And almost every mall has at least one filled with “dustables” … More >>

Memories of a Life in the Circus – Odds and Ends from the Big Top (2/2/10)
The Living Statues was a popular act during the 1920s and 1930s. Charlotte Shive is the Golden Indian in this tableau. This photo was taken by Harry A. Atwell and is valued at $75 to $100.In two previous articles, I shared experiences in the life of Charlotte (Shive) Maxwell, who spent 20 years performing with … More >>

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