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  • Feb 2 2010
  • 2 Feb 2010

Elastic Storage: Multi-Section Stacking Bookcases

Almost every antiques auction sooner or later has one. And almost every mall has at least one filled with “dustables” and breakables. If you ask […]

  • Feb 2 2010
  • 2 Feb 2010

Memories of a Life in the Circus – Odds and Ends from the Big Top

In two previous articles, I shared experiences in the life of Charlotte (Shive) Maxwell, who spent 20 years performing with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & […]

  • Feb 1 2010
  • 1 Feb 2010

Chatelaines: The Lady of the House’s Tool Belt

A chatelaine is a brooch or clasp, worn at the waist, from which trinkets keys, and useful items are suspended. The chatelaine served the useful […]

  • Jan 27 2010
  • 27 Jan 2010

The Circus Fraternity: My Friend Charlotte and the Ubangis

In an earlier article, I told the story of a dear friend, Charlotte (Shive) Maxwell, who ran away and joined the circus. You can read […]

  • Jan 20 2010
  • 20 Jan 2010

Proper Fabrics for Dolls’ Clothes: Dressed in Only the Best

One of the many tragedies of modern life is the switchover from natural fibers to those composed of synthetic substances. Although synthetics are less costly […]

  • Jan 13 2010
  • 13 Jan 2010

Fascinating Story behind Antique Sunburst Circus Wagon Wheel

Finding antique and odd circus equipment is difficult, but such items are highly treasured by circus collectors. Sometimes the provenance of these items is more […]

  • Jan 5 2010
  • 5 Jan 2010

Circus Toys Delight Collectors as well as Children

The circus has always been a popular theme for children’s toys, but these toys are seldom sought after by circus collectors. The exceptions are toys […]

  • Jan 5 2010
  • 5 Jan 2010

The Qings’ Little Masterpieces: Snuff Bottles

Contact with the West greatly influenced Chinese applied arts, none more so than the culture pertaining to tobacco-related habits. But while smoking was officially castigated, […]

  • Dec 27 2009
  • 27 Dec 2009

Horology in the Movies: ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’

Time, horology and the looming presence of an enormous tower clock take center stage in the classic 1994 romantic comedy “The Hudsucker Proxy.” Directed by […]

  • Dec 21 2009
  • 21 Dec 2009

Dillinger Connection Sets $41,000 Price for $150 Hamilton Watch

It’s not often that the belongings of someone as infamous as John Dillinger come up for sale. This month Heritage Auctions listed 11 items attributed […]