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Circus Toys Delight Collectors as well as Children (1/5/10)
This children’s composition pull-toy is just one of the many products created to take advantage of Barnum’s famous attraction, Jumbo. Value of this toy is about $50. A similar toy is also a bank and sells for $15-30. It’s interesting that these toys depict an Asian elephant. Jumbo was an African elephant.The circus has always been a popular theme for children’s toys, but these toys are seldom sought after by circus … More >>

The Qings’ Little Masterpieces: Snuff Bottles (1/5/10)
This antique carved snuff bottle, which was made in China in the 19th century, stands 3 ¼-inches high. The surface is wonderfully carved with tiny people, all in movement, who seem to be waving flags, amongst a natural scene with classic Chinese rock formations and trees. Contact with the West greatly influenced Chinese applied arts, none more so than the culture pertaining to tobacco-related habits. But … More >>

Horology in the Movies: ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ (12/27/09)
The giant clock at the center of "The Hudsucker Proxy."Time, horology and the looming presence of an enormous tower clock take center stage in the classic 1994 romantic comedy … More >>

Dillinger Connection Sets $41,000 Price for $150 Hamilton Watch (12/21/09)
The Art Deco Hamilton watch carried by John Dillinger when he was gunned down by the FBI outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago. It’s not often that the belongings of someone as infamous as John Dillinger come up for sale. This month Heritage … More >>

Brand of Brothers – The Stickley Furniture Family (12/21/09)
There is no mistaking Gustav Stickley’s unique red decal with the joiner’s compass and his trademark quote “Als ik Kan” – All I Can Do.Anyone who dabbles in older and antique furniture knows that the name “Stickley” is an important one in American antique … More >>

Barkcloth: The Quintessential Mid-Century Modern Fabric (12/21/09)
Bright-colored floral and leaf patterns on barkcloth were used frequently for drapery panels like these. For many of us, it doesn’t seem that long ago that we couldn’t wait to get rid of those heavy … More >>

All Knotted Up – Tatting Laces All Sorts of Antique Linens (12/15/09)
An early handkerchief with an elaborate tatted design.Tatting is a unique type of knotted lace that was popular from the 19th century through the middle of the … More >>

Familiar But Obscure Furniture Forms – A Primer (12/15/09)
Chiffonier – This tall narrow chest is called a chiffonier. It is the beginning of an entire related line of chests with drawers and doors.This entry deals with furniture forms which are probably familiar visually but whose original appellations may escape you at the … More >>

Preserving Holiday Decorations: Proper Storage is the Key (12/14/09)
image0024.jpgMany of us have antique Christmas ornaments and decorations that were passed down by mothers and grandmothers. Hopefully, yours are … More >>

Circus Christmas Cards — A Colorful Big Top Collectible (12/7/09)
Roland Butler was working on the design for the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. card when he died in 1961. The design was used for many years after his death. During the Christmas season, circuses are typically at winter quarters preparing for another year on the road. Circus owners have … More >>

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