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  • Nov 23 2009
  • 23 Nov 2009

Aging with Style – Appearance Isn’t Always the Best Indicator of Age

Aging with style is almost everyone’s ultimate objective, immediately behind not aging at all. But in this context the word “aging” is being used as […]

  • Nov 23 2009
  • 23 Nov 2009

History of Thanksgiving Day

As a fans of antiques and collectibles, whose interest in history is peaked by the things we collect, we thought it would be interesting to […]

  • Nov 18 2009
  • 18 Nov 2009

Polishing Your Antique Silver: Tips for a Tedious Holiday Chore

Thanksgiving Day is a week away, and if you are tempted to get out your antique silver to make your holiday table sparkle, there are […]

  • Nov 16 2009
  • 16 Nov 2009

The Collector’s Minute: Porcelain and Pottery Markings Reference Points

You might wonder when watching the appraisers at “Antiques Roadshow” just how they can determine so much information about a teacup or platter simply by […]

  • Nov 16 2009
  • 16 Nov 2009

Recording the Treasure: Photographing Your Antique Furniture

If you really enjoy researching, discovering and acquiring pieces of older and antique furniture, not to mention repairing, restoring and maintaining your functional links to […]

  • Nov 11 2009
  • 11 Nov 2009

Blue and White Oriental Porcelain: A Guide to Changes and Styles

“Of a strong build, suitable for export and of good material, with a clear white body often left unglazed on a flat base. The glaze […]

  • Nov 10 2009
  • 10 Nov 2009

Older Circus Photos Bring Higher Prices

In a previous article Circus Photos I wrote about circus photographs and their values. Another article on Side Show collectibles highlighted pitch cards and photos […]

  • Oct 20 2009
  • 20 Oct 2009

Before Use in Home Décor, Model Boats Battled for Supremacy on the Ponds

Pond boats have been used extensively in home decorating for 20 plus years. They have a simplicity and beauty of line that complements interior décor […]

  • Oct 20 2009
  • 20 Oct 2009

‘Come See the Strange, the Unusual . . . the Circus Side Show Collectibles’

The circus side show dominated the midway. The flashy banner line and the talker (not a barker) shouted about the wonders to be seen on […]

  • Oct 13 2009
  • 13 Oct 2009

Everyman’s Desk – The History of the Larkin Desk

The term “Larkin Desk” is a familiar one to most collectors and buyers of older and antique furniture, especially to those who favor furniture from […]