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Unhappy Trails: Cowboy Heroes Fade Away as Fans Head to that Great Corral in the Sky (12/7/09)
Roy Rogers“My heroes have always been cowboys, And, they still are, it seems. Sadly, in search of, but one step in back of, Themselves … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: That Old Piece of Pottery is Not as Old as it Looks (12/7/09)
A blue and white pitcher such as this one was sold as utility ware for domestic use and, therefore, seldom marked.One of the interesting things about the antique business is the stories that develop around some items, either from their … More >>

The Ringling Name Sells Products and Expands the World of Circus Collectibles (11/30/09)
This is one of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey train cars manufactured by K-Line in 1994. This train car is O Gauge and can sometimes be found on eBay for as little as $50. In a previous article I wrote a little about the history of The Greatest Show On Earth. Over the years, … More >>

History of the Breitling Navitimer Watch is Shrouded in Mystery (11/30/09)
The history of the Breitling Navitimer watch is hard to pin down, as company records have been lost, and company lore does not match up with other facts. This all makes the Navitime an interesting watch to collect.The story of the first Navitimer is shrouded in mystery and even some controversy. Quite simply, no-one knows for certain … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: An Antoine Louis Barye Sculpture (11/30/09)
A bronze lion by Antoine Louis Barye. While it is an original by Barye, it was cast after his death by the famous foundry of Ferdinand Barbedienne. Barbedienne purchased 125 casting models from the late BaryeOne class of items that causes great confusion among novice collectors is “bronze sculptures,” which is understandable due to the … More >>

Wild West Show Memorabilia Features Great Names of the American West (11/23/09)
This large size Kelty photo of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows Col. Tim McCoy and His Congress of Rough Riders of the World. McCoy was featured in the after-show during the 1935 season. This photo is valued at $300-400.Collecting wild west show memorabilia is as important to circus collectors as collecting circus memorabilia. The history of the wild … More >>

Aging with Style – Appearance Isn’t Always the Best Indicator of Age (11/23/09)
This is a period Chippendale chair, circa 1770.Aging with style is almost everyone’s ultimate objective, immediately behind not aging at all. But in this context the word … More >>

History of Thanksgiving Day (11/23/09)
The Ladies’ WorldAs a fans of antiques and collectibles, whose interest in history is peaked by the things we collect, we thought … More >>

Polishing Your Antique Silver: Tips for a Tedious Holiday Chore (11/18/09)
silver polishing 2Thanksgiving Day is a week away, and if you are tempted to get out your antique silver to make your … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Porcelain and Pottery Markings Reference Points (11/16/09)
This mark was used on French Quimperware pottery made by the De la Hubaudière factory from 1883 to 1895. You might wonder when watching the appraisers at “Antiques Roadshow” just how they can determine so much information about a … More >>

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