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Recording the Treasure: Photographing Your Antique Furniture (11/16/09)
The straight on shot doesn’t ell you much about this English Regency tea poy.If you really enjoy researching, discovering and acquiring pieces of older and antique furniture, not to mention repairing, restoring and … More >>

Blue and White Oriental Porcelain: A Guide to Changes and Styles (11/11/09)
A stoneware water pot with underglaze blue splashes, Tang Dynasty (618-907). “Of a strong build, suitable for export and of good material, with a … More >>

Older Circus Photos Bring Higher Prices (11/10/09)
Miss Uno was a snake charmer with Adam Forepaugh Shows. Even though she doesn’t have her snake in this cabinet card photo, the image sold for $33 in 2008.In a previous article Circus Photos I wrote about circus photographs and their values. Another article on Side Show collectibles … More >>

Before Use in Home Décor, Model Boats Battled for Supremacy on the Ponds (10/20/09)
This hand-made schooner rig pond yacht is 43 long and stands 38 inches tall. It is a solid hull construction with lead inlet into the keel. Value in a retail setting is about $850.Pond boats have been used extensively in home decorating for 20 plus years. They have a simplicity and beauty of … More >>

‘Come See the Strange, the Unusual . . . the Circus Side Show Collectibles’ (10/20/09)
Freaks, Geeks & Strange Girls,” by Randy Johnson, Jim Secreto and Teddy Varndell, has dozens of illustrations of the colorful side-show banners. Many are full-page illustrations with several fold-out pages. It comes in paperback and hardback and sells for $25 to $35.The circus side show dominated the midway. The flashy banner line and the talker (not a barker) shouted about the … More >>

Everyman’s Desk – The History of the Larkin Desk (10/13/09)
This is the famous “Chautauqua” desk first offered by Larkin in the 1901 catalog for six certificates or as a premium for buying a $10 Combination Case of Larkin Soap products. Variations of this desk were offered into the early 1920s.The term “Larkin Desk” is a familiar one to most collectors and buyers of older and antique furniture, especially to … More >>

Collector’s Minute: An Art and Architecture Glossary (10/13/09)
Abstract Expressionism: "Woman V," by Willem de KooningArt and architecture, like all other fields of interest, have interesting words and terms. Here is a quick guide to … More >>

Anatomy of an Auction – The Auctioneer’s Percentage (10/13/09)
gavelQUESTION: If I sell some of my collectibles at auction, what percentage should I expect to pay an auctioneer? – … More >>

Some Circus Photos are Worth a Thousand Bucks (10/7/09)
The Glasier photo of the Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros. tents and midway sold in a recent internet auction for $203.They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it’s a circus photo, it can sometimes be worth a … More >>

Regular Maintenance for Antique Furniture – a List of ‘Don’t Do’s’ (10/7/09)
If left in place long enough, this table runner and center piece will protect the color of the table while the exposed sections fade around it. The table should be covered in the long term uniformly.I hope that you caught my suggestions last time on the “common sense little stuff” that you SHOULD do to … More >>

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