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  • Dec 22 2011
  • 22 Dec 2011

The Retrophile Files: Fanning the Flames of a Junk Revolution

Here is the dirty truth; Ki Nassauer has made a career out of junk. Her talent for reinventing curbside castoffs and flea market finds into […]

  • Dec 13 2011
  • 13 Dec 2011

The Retrophile Files: A Thrift Shop with a Cure for What Ails You

This Christmahanukwanzakah season, New York City’s Cure Thrift Shop makes doing good as you shop as simple as counting one-two-three. First, every purchase made benefits […]

  • Dec 13 2011
  • 13 Dec 2011

My Disappointing Antiquing Road Trip through Western Kansas

I recently went on a two-week trip to south-central Colorado. The reason for the trip was two-fold; 1) to visit my youngest daughter; and 2) […]

  • Dec 8 2011
  • 8 Dec 2011

Scenes of Time and Place: Helen LaFrance’s Folk Art Memory Paintings

I recently entered a postpartum period, which usually refers to the time beginning immediately after the birth of a child and extending for several weeks […]

  • Dec 6 2011
  • 6 Dec 2011

Identifying Fakes: Old Red Wing Stoneware with New Advertising

Ever since a butter crock with a fake “Goodhue County Co-Operative” advertising stamp showed up at a chapter meeting a few years ago, Red Wing […]

  • Dec 2 2011
  • 2 Dec 2011

Breakfast at Christie’s: Attending a New York City Art Auction

November marks the start of the fall auction season in New York City, so it is fitting that the month went out with a bang […]

  • Nov 29 2011
  • 29 Nov 2011

The Retrophile Files: Billy’s Antiques & Props Defends New York’s Old, Odd

Billy’s Antiques & Props has staying power, and in NYC, that is no easy feat. Big-box stores and over-inflated real estate prices have made small, […]

  • Nov 15 2011
  • 15 Nov 2011

The Retrophile Files: Establishing the New Cool at Brooklyn’s Sunday Love

While a good number of my fellow New Yorkers are still entranced by the “Ikea effect,” I am happy to report that a growing number […]

  • Oct 10 2011
  • 10 Oct 2011

Red Wing Stoneware Spittoons: Too Pretty to Spit In

How could it be that German spittoons are some of the most beautiful pieces of stoneware made by the Red Wing and Minnesota stoneware companies, […]

  • Oct 3 2011
  • 3 Oct 2011

The Adventures of Prop Girl: Supplying Vintage Items for ‘Men in Black III’

I think my new name should be Prop Girl. I could be like an antique/memorabilia superhero in Movie Land. Recently, my team and I wrapped […]