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Awesome Toys of the ’80s: First Generation Jetfire (2/4/14)
JetfireSeveral years ago, I walked into one of Atlanta’s most awesome stores—the Book Nook, a veritable treasure trove of used … More >>

Heroquest Kickstarter Controversy Highlights Dungeoncrawl Games’ Collector Value (1/29/14)
Oiriginal HeroquestThere’s been a lot of controversy in the hobby gaming and game collecting world recently due to a Spanish publisher, … More >>

Awesome Toys of the ’80s: Japanes Kinnikuman & M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures (1/20/14)
Satan CrossIn my third-grade class, we had a Japanese exchange student named Kenta. He couldn’t speak much English, but he understood … More >>

Failed Video Game Consoles of the 1990s Have Some Collector Value Now (1/7/14)
virtualboyIf you’re not tuned into the video games world (or any television, radio, print or online news source), you may … More >>

Christmas Memories of My Mom, the Antique Collector, Dealer and Family Historian (12/19/13)
mom and my girls  Around this time every year, I get a bit melancholy. It is difficult to think about the upcoming holiday season … More >>

Gale Force Nine becomes a Development Force with Cult TV Board Games (12/19/13)
Spartacus  Gale Force Nine started out in the hobby gaming business as a manufacturer of accessories for miniatures games—mostly die-cut acrylic … More >>

Repurpose and Recycle to Ease Tight Holiday Gift-Giving Budgets (12/19/13)
teacup candleMoney is tight for everyone… well, at least everyone I know. So why not repurpose some of the items you … More >>

My Greatest Antique Restoration Project to Date (12/19/13)
riga houseDuring my third year of living in Estonia I met and began dating Egils, a Latvian man. As a working … More >>

Warming Up Your American Quilt-Buying Knowledge (12/17/13)
Red and white Lone StarQuilts are everywhere this time of year—in decorator magazines, at winter bazaars, for sale at all kinds of stores, and … More >>

Awesome Toys of the ’80s: Shogun Warriors (12/16/13)
Shogun family portaitMy soon-to-be-4 son has suddenly taken an interest in the Power Rangers, Saban’s long-running (20 years!) Westernization of several different … More >>

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