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  • Jul 27 2009
  • 27 Jul 2009

Who are the Top 30 American Visual Artisans of the 20th Century?

Who are the 30 most influential American visual artists of the 20th Century? Who made it to No. 1? List a few of your favorites […]
  • Jul 22 2009
  • 22 Jul 2009

Napkin Rings the Final Touch on a Finely Set Table

Sterling silver napkin rings in Rococo design (left), engraved flowers and scrolls with an entwined C and P (center) and with pie crimp edges and […]

  • Jul 22 2009
  • 22 Jul 2009

Binnacles 101: Get Your Bearings with Nautical Collectibles

Many people who come into my shop are confused by the nature of the nautical instruments called binnacles that I have artistically scattered about. Without […]

  • Jul 20 2009
  • 20 Jul 2009

Harry Rinker’s Tips on Researching and Authenticating Oil Paintings – Part I

Steve Dennis in Orlando and Ian Atken in Toronto are two of my favorite garage sale aficionados. Steve and Ian ask about their latest finds […]

  • Jul 20 2009
  • 20 Jul 2009

Big Ben: The Iconic London Landmark Appears on Thousands of Collectibles

Big Ben is probably the most famous clock in the world, and is one of London, England’s best known landmarks. Actually, Big Ben is not […]

  • Jul 14 2009
  • 14 Jul 2009

The People Who Inspired the Names of Antique Furniture Pieces

In our modern culture, which embraces a slipshod approach to the English language, we have a habit of taking proper names and turning them into […]

  • Jul 13 2009
  • 13 Jul 2009

Early Indian Motorcycles: Leaders of the Racing Pack

Oscar Hedstrom was probably the first American to literally incorporate an internal combustion engine with a bicycle. Oscar, a former bicycle racer, was a capable […]

  • Jul 10 2009
  • 10 Jul 2009

Locomotive-Shaped Iron Could be a Real Money Train

For WorthPoint member Marilyn Detwiler, this locomotive-shaped iron may be a money train. Marilyn contacted WorthPoint, requesting information through Ask a Worthologist about an iron […]

  • Jul 7 2009
  • 7 Jul 2009

Collecting Wares Made in Post-WWII ‘Occupied Japan’

When I was a boy I collected postage stamps. That was it. Stamps. They could be from any country, any time period and depicting any […]

  • Jul 7 2009
  • 7 Jul 2009

Josephine Owaissa Cottle (Gale Storm): A Tribute to Those Who Finish Second

Celebrity deaths dominated the news for the past 10 days—Edward Leo Peter “Ed” McMahon, Jr., Farrah Leni Fawcett (Farrah Fawcett), Michael Joseph Jackson, Josephine Owaissa […]