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Great Obscure Halloween Board Games Lurking in the Shadows (10/25/13)
The Hammer Horror Forbidden Territory Board GameIt’s Halloween time once again, and that means it is also time for my annual Halloween games roundup. I was … More >>

Halloween Collectibles – The Prices are nothing to Boo at (10/25/13)
paper cat decorationI think that most of us, at least those of us of a certain age, have very fond memories of … More >>

My Obsession with an Antique Cylinder Music Box (10/22/13)
DSCF0816Have you ever visited an antique shop, saw something that you fell in love with, didn’t purchase it and then … More >>

‘Youngest Picker’ to Launch Estate Sales Company with Southern California Sale (10/2/13)
connor-4Just about every 8-year-old can tell you what he or she wants to be when they grow up: a nurse, … More >>

Kid-Friendly ‘Disney Infinity’ Video Game is Only the Beginning as Extras Abound (9/24/13)
infinity 1If you’re the parents of Disney-inclined kids or if you’re Disney-inclined yourself, you’ve likely either heard of or already invested … More >>

5,000-Year-Old Game Pieces Prove the Impulse to Create Board Games is Intrinsic (9/4/13)
Stone game piecesWhen I’ve written in this column about hobby board games or the kinds of board games that most folks are … More >>

Doll Collector: Bru is the ‘Face’ of Antique French Dolls (8/18/13)
ANTIQUE1(This article first appeared in Doll Collector magazine. Please click here to subscribe) If you were to make a survey of … More >>

Playing at the House of Mouse: Disney’s Magic Kingdom-Themed Board Games (8/13/13)
Disney World box topFor the first time since before my first child was born in 2010, we’re going on an old-fashioned, summertime family … More >>

For Board Game Collectors, Crowdfunding Offers Rewards at a Great Risk (8/6/13)
funded with kickstarterI’ve written about Kickstarter and the current crowdfunding craze—specifically its impact on the gaming hobby—quite a bit, not just here … More >>

From Public Health Necessity to Collectibility: The History of the Beer Stein (7/9/13)
faience steinWhen the first beer steins were being produced, their future collectibility likely wasn’t being considered by those who produced them. … More >>

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