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The Maddening Search for the Holy Grail of Video Game Collectibles (9/25/12)
red-sea-crossing-2600In an age where the potentially infinite reproduction of electronic media all but makes the concept of rarity obsolete in … More >>

Scripophily: Collecting Obsolete Stocks and Bonds for Art and History (9/20/12)
bond marconiOver the years, stocks and bonds have been issued by companies that have failed or simply gone out of business. … More >>

More than Just a Pretty Face: 5 Toys You Might Overlook in a Storage Unit (9/10/12)
red-haired Kenner BlytheTo be a good storage hunter, you need to learn to be a jack-of-all-trades; because really, anything goes at a … More >>

Holy Batmania! A Look at Batman Toys and Collectibles (9/10/12)
A Batman promo cardboard mask, given away by General Electric in 1966. A Robin mask is printed on the reversed side. Value $5 -The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The Darknight Detective. Numerous monikers have been bestowed upon that famous protector of Gotham … More >>

Win the Presidency: Collectible Presidential and Election Board Games (9/4/12)
centennialWith red, white and blue bunting as far as the eye can see and campaign speeches abound, the Republican National … More >>

Michelle’s Antiquing Road Trip: Touring Texas and Oklahoma (8/28/12)
paul merron sign3I recently returned from an amazing trip through Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas with my eldest daughter, Jennifer, and my … More >>

19th-Century Botany in a Bottle—Highly Desired Medicinal History in Glass (8/28/12)
photo 4In all antiques and collectables, the more interest there is in an object, the more valuable it becomes. In the … More >>

Vintage Graphic T-Shirts Can Be Converted into Thrift Store Gold (8/27/12)
Hard Rock CafeJames Dean, The Fonz and Simon Cowell are all iconic T-shirt wearers. However, they only wore plain, white Tees. Short … More >>

Getting it there in One Piece: Tips on Packaging and Shipping Antiques (8/20/12)
worthpoint-paradeantiques-3Packaging. Not the most riveting of topics, but I have been surprised that there isn’t a bit more information to … More >>

Collectible Warcraft Board Games Have a Bright Speculative Future (8/20/12)
warcraftUnless you’ve been living in isolation somewhere on an Internet-free remote island—or if you just don’t really pay any attention … More >>

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