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Elvis Presley-Themes Board Games Mostly Hit Sour Notes (8/20/12)
Monopoly ElvisLast Week, on Aug. 16, it marked the 35th anniversary of the death of Elvis Aaron Presley, one of the … More >>

Get the Most from Your Stuff: Maximizing Yard Sale Profits (8/13/12)
garage sale 3While they may seem like small potatoes if you look at them one at a time, garage sales are a … More >>

The $1.2-Million Video Game Jackpot an Outlier, not the Rule (8/6/12)
donkey kongI’ve spent a lot of column inches here at WorthPoint trying to convince you all that tabletop board games can … More >>

Recreating Excitement & Spectacle of the Olympics in a Board Game a Tall Order (8/6/12)
olympicsWith the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London drawing to a close a the end of the week, you might … More >>

Celebrity Collector: Ellen Freund Provides the Stuff that Makes Movie Magic (7/30/12)
Drag me to HellHave you ever wondered how films are able to transport the moviegoer to another place in time? No graphic enhancements … More >>

Collectors Find American Marine Paintings & Prints See Worthy (7/30/12)
volunteer racing off of sandy hookPaintings of ships at sea have captivated collectors for decades. It doesn’t matter whether they are watercolors, oils, pastels or, … More >>

Amazing Memorabilia! Fifty Years of Spider-Man Toys and Collectibles (7/23/12)
Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962) featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man. Originally retailing for 12 cents, a near-mint coThough it may be hard to believe, this summer marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of everyone’s favorite web-spinning, … More >>

Industry Veteran Offers inside Tips for Storage Unit Auction Success (7/13/12)
storage treasures 2If you desire to find or collect treasures, storage auctions offer another place to hunt. Consider this: the storage industry … More >>

Space Is a Frightening Place: Collecting ‘Alien’ Toys and Memorabilia (7/13/12)
Alien original soundtrack album released by 20th Century-Fox Records Corporation in 1979. Music composed by Jerry GoldsmithReleased in May of 1979, the classic sci-fi chiller “Alien” not only introduced moviegoers to an incredibly fearsome new movie … More >>

The Rediscovery of Original Illustration Art Draws New Collectors (7/7/12)
illustration Gil ElvgrenToday’s’ collectors can’t seem to get enough of original illustration art, conceived and created for books, magazines articles and advertisements. … More >>

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