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Helping Decorate Homes of the Rich & Famous (7/7/12)
PORCELAIN BABY BATHIn general, people have a strange misconception of what the homes of the rich and famous should and do look … More >>

Set a Vintage Table for Your Fourth of July Cookout (7/3/12)
50th bbq tableYour upcoming Fourth of July BBQ party is just a day away. If you’re like me, you’ve make the checklist … More >>

‘We the People’ a Revolutionary Board Game about the American Revolution (7/3/12)
We the People boxEven with all this talk of bombs bursting in the air in our National Anthem, it’s easy to forget amid … More >>

How to Make the Best of Your Thrift Store Experience (6/26/12)
HatMany think treasures researched on WorthPoint originated at high-class auction houses or perhaps are the prestigious collection of an elderly … More >>

Recreating the D-Day Invasion Through Vintage Table-Top Board Games (6/12/12)
axis and allies D-DayThe world marked the 68th anniversary of D-Day last week, the day when the Allies began the bold invasion of … More >>

Michelle’s Antique Roadtrip: Cruising and Antiquing in Southeast Iowa (6/8/12)
jewelry store front iowaLast month, my good friend Phyllis and I took a three-day trip to Iowa. I live in the Kansas City … More >>

Avengers Assemble! A Look at Marvel Comics Superhero Collectibles (6/4/12)
A reprint of The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963) comic book. An original copy can sell for thousands of dollars; this Marvel MilestoneOne of the most popular films of the year, the epic superhero flick “The Avengers” is shaping up to be … More >>

It’s A Mad Men World—Providing Vintage Howard Johnson Props for the TV Series (6/4/12)
mmlogoCalling all Mad Men fanatics! What did you get to do last summer? Try not to envy us, but we … More >>

Antique ‘Hair Bottles’ Prove Great-Great-Grandmother had Bad Hair Days, Too (6/1/12)
IMG_9210There are not many of society’s problems that have had as little progress shown as the problem of bad hair. … More >>

Vintage Dark Shadows Games: No PhD in Applied Vampirology Required to Play (5/16/12)
dark shadows 1By the numbers, the cult classic, gothic horror soap opera Dark Shadows ran for a whopping 1,225 episodes during the … More >>

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