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  • Jul 20 2016
  • 20 Jul 2016

Demographics, the Economy and the Dynamic Pricing of Today’s Collectibles

I was watching “Antiques Roadshow” on TV the other day, and saw something I haven’t seen before. I think they’ve done it for a while; […]

  • Jul 19 2016
  • 19 Jul 2016

More Items Around the House You Can Sell—or Even Auction

Rocks, shells, quilts, ceramics, toys, carved chairs, paintings, coins in a jar, bags of jewelry and binders of tobacco cards, oh, and a rather large […]

  • Jul 18 2016
  • 18 Jul 2016

Creative Solutions to Furniture Problems: Use What’s Available

In a fit of Spring cleaning, never mind what time of year it was, my wife decided to clean out her old cedar chest. When […]

  • Jul 14 2016
  • 14 Jul 2016

Don’t Throw it Away! That’s Some Surprisingly Valuable Household Junk

There is gold in your drawers that you may not be aware of. Don’t feel bad. We Americans are accumulators. Consumerism drives our economy; when […]

  • Jul 14 2016
  • 14 Jul 2016

Auction Report: Three-Ring Auction, Joan Rivers; Estate and a Trump Engagement Ring

Welcome back… In our July report, auctions of note include the Joan Rivers estate, Marla Maples-Donald Trump engagement ring, a Three-Ring auction, some very expensive […]

  • Jul 12 2016
  • 12 Jul 2016

Is an Unknown Mount Vernon Document worth a Hefty Gamble?

I am back from my part time picking in Kennebunkport, Maine. Many of you know that I head to Maine late each May to work […]

  • Jul 11 2016
  • 11 Jul 2016

Mark of the Week: Liberty & Co., Cymric Silver and Archibald Knox

We are all fortunate to have an incredible resource for identifying marks right at our fingertips. WorthPoint’s MAPS (Marks, Autographs, Patterns and Symbols) database has […]

  • Jul 8 2016
  • 8 Jul 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Interpreting Antiques and Collectibles Speak

A WorthPoint subscriber wrote: “As I troll through various articles, newsletters from auction houses, and other sources, I keep seeing contemporary thrown around in reference […]

  • Jul 8 2016
  • 8 Jul 2016

Collecting Stratemeyer Syndicate Books Should Be No Mystery

If I were to ask you who the 20th century’s most prolific novelists were, which names would come to mind? Isaac Asimov, the sci-fi writer […]

  • Jul 6 2016
  • 6 Jul 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: It is Impossible to Purge Wrong Information

Historically, once misinformation appeared in print, it was extremely difficult to purge. Retractions and corrections are buried deep inside a newspaper. A correction in a […]