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  • Jun 12 2016
  • 12 Jun 2016

Mark of the Week: Moritz Zdekauer Porcelain

We are all fortunate to have an incredible resource for identifying marks right at our fingertips.  WorthPoint’s MAPS (Marks, Autographs, Patterns and Symbols) database has […]

  • Jun 10 2016
  • 10 Jun 2016

Our Top Five Run-of-the-Mill Junk Items You Can Sell Online for a Surprising Amount

Most people cleaning out closets or attics—or perhaps liquidating a relative’s estate—know enough to separate items that might have value on the secondary market. We […]

  • Jun 10 2016
  • 10 Jun 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Why the Secondary Doll Market is in the Doldrums

Collecting categories decline. This is a simple statement that is a difficult concept for many in the antiques and collectibles trade to accept. The list […]

  • Jun 6 2016
  • 6 Jun 2016

Using the ‘Right’ Auction Houses Helps Get Top Dollar for Your Items

Recently, a colleague and I were discussing the lofty prices recently attained by collectibles auctioneers. What drives these prices, we wondered: “the luck of the […]

  • Jun 1 2016
  • 1 Jun 2016

Is there Gold in Your Piano Bench? Collectible Vintage Sheet Music

While browsing through Russell Sanjek’s “American Popular Music and its Business” a statistic jumped off the page and stuck in my head: in 1918, the […]

  • May 31 2016
  • 31 May 2016

Two Hemispheres Circus Bandwagon Sold at Auction for a Record Quarter of a Million Dollars

The auctioneer’s hammer fell and Barnum & Bailey’s Two Hemispheres circus bandwagon sold for $250,000, the highlight of the spring Heritage Auctions Americana & Political […]

  • May 27 2016
  • 27 May 2016

Fabulous Finds: Cabinet Photographs of 19th-Century Actors and Performers

A new column I will be writing to regularly for WorthPoint is “Fabulous Finds.” Fabulous Finds are things we all live for in our business […]

  • May 26 2016
  • 26 May 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Saving Grandma’s China and Mom’s Dinnerware Service

The question is the same whether it arrives as an email or asked during an appraisal clinic or personal clinic: “The kids do not want […]

  • May 23 2016
  • 23 May 2016

Rinker on Collectibles: Who Are the HENRYs and Why are they Critical to the Future of Collecting?

The search for general terms that differentiate generations, economic and diversity groupings is continuous. Although not a fan of generalities, some of my previous “Rinker […]

  • May 19 2016
  • 19 May 2016

Zimmerman Gun Sells at Second Auction while ‘Decoy’ Auction Draws Outrage, Bogus Bids

Pop quiz: When is an auction not an auction? Answer: When it involves the sale of George Zimmerman’s gun. After three failed auctions and seven […]