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What Makes a Back-Issue Comic Hot? Age, Relevance & Events Matter (10/3/14)
As a comic book collector, we all have dream issues, blue-chip comics, hot back-issues, (call them whatever you’d like) that we’ve been hunting down for years. But have you ever stopped to think, what made that issue you’ve been dreaming about adding to your collection hot?  If you’re a comic book collector like me, then you’ve probably been hunting down back issues for quite some time. … More >>

‘Thrift Hunters’ Crisscross the Country Looking for Deals as Season Two Premiers Oct. 11 (9/23/14)
“Thrift Hunters,” starring Jason T. Smith (left) and Bryan Goodman, returns to television on Saturday nights as the second season will premiere on Oct. 11 on Spike TV. The boys will be hitting huge thrift stores, small second-hand shops and antique malls in large cities and small towns, and they want you to know that there is good thrifting and surprising finds to be found everywhereBryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith will be crisscrossing the country as “Thrift Hunters” returns for its second season—premiering on … More >>

Cari Cucksey’s New Line of RePurpose Paint and Stain Designed with the DIYer in Mind (9/16/14)
Do you have an old dresser that needs a new lease on life but you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life? Novice DIYer can turn out great refinishing jobs with Cari Cuckey’s new RePurpose line of paints and stains.When looking at a piece of old furniture—something that could be called antique, based on its age, but could also … More >>

Worthologist’s Kindle Book offers Advice to New Dealers in the Antiques Trade (9/11/14)
book coverWhile driving through a neighboring town, Wayne Jordan was surprised to see that a relatively new antique mall had closed … More >>

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Anthony Moore on Painting Conservation (9/10/14)
Art conservationist Anthony Moore at work. In this edition of the Antiques Auction Forum, I visit York, Maine, and speak with longtime painting conservator Anthony Moore … More >>

Now that you have a Comic Book Collection, Here’s how to Keep Track of them All (9/8/14)
First launched in 1992, ComicBase is now on version 17. It hosts information on “almost 600,000” comics and comes with a mobile app that allows you to take your collection with you on the go and automatic synch capability.If you’ve been collecting comics for a while, then you know how quickly they can begin to pile up. As … More >>

Who gets your Digital Assets when You Die? No One, unless you Prepare (9/3/14)
Our lives have become digitized and password protected, and when we die, access to our accounts and rights to the contents thereof die with us—unless we make digital access part of our estate plan. Our lives have become digitized and password protected, and when we die, access to our accounts and rights to the … More >>

Thrifting with the Boys’ 10 Thrifting Tips to Increase eBay Reseller Profits (9/2/14)
We—Jason T. Smith (left) and Bryan Goodman—want to share some of our thrifting secrets that helped us build our reselling empires, so every month, we will provide some the inside scoop on how to thrift, buy and sell better. If you put these tips into practice, you’ll soon be a thrifting dynamo.We are known as Thrifting With The Boys, motivational speakers teaching thrift store resourcing techniques and the stars of Spike … More >>

How to Bequeath Your Collection and Keep it out of Probate (8/27/14)
If you have a baseball card collection and would like it to go to your grandson, you had better prepare your last will and testament to make sure bequeathed items or collections go where you want them to go and not end up in probate.To some, leaving behind a meaningful legacy upon death is important. To have built a house, written a book, created … More >>

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Ryan Servant and the Brimfield Flea App (8/26/14)
Ryan Servant, who offers the Brimfield Flea Finder, is interviewed by local Brimfield media about his app.In this edition of the Antiques Auction Forum, I have a chat with app developer Ryan Servant, who offers the … More >>

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