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Consolidated Glass – The Deco Years (1925-1931) (9/15/08)
During the first decade of the 20th century, Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company continued to enjoy the sweet success of an established business with quality products. More >>

What Reel Do We Use with that Bamboo Rod? (9/15/08)
The frame from the Hardy  Featherweight.In a previous article. I talked about fishing with bamboo fly rods and I explained a little about length versus value. Now, with that in mind, I want to talk about some reels that would be appropriate. More >>

Brimsfield Residue (9/15/08)
That would be Brimfield, Massachusetts, home of the largest flea market. More >>

Colorado’s Historic Carousels: Kit Carson County (9/15/08)
Kit Carson County Fair - Carousel Carousels have ignited the imagination of Americans of all ages since their golden days in the late 1890s through the 1920s when carousel makers in New York, Pennsylvania and Kansas built elaborate ones destined for parks and resorts and simple ones that would travel by train and horse-drawn wagons to small towns all across the country. More >>

Antique Business: How to Buy and Sell During Economic Shifts and Uncertainty (9/15/08)
A Lot of 147 Confederate Soldier How does your Antique Business Bank Account look today? If there’s money to buy, this is the time to be very patient with your buying. The economic winds are shifting and time is needed to see where these winds are headed. Members of the 31 Club are advised to be patient and wise in their buying and not to be too venturesome for the moment.   More >>

Answers to Presidential Collectibles Quiz (9/15/08)
Here are the answers to the Presidential Collectibles: What’s It Worth Quiz 1. C. $225 2. B. $522 3. Because it is not particularly scarce, it’s C. $20 to $30, when in good condition 4. Not particularly scarce, but still unusual, the value is: C. $7 to $12 How did you do? More >>

Glass Mysteries (9/15/08)
Unknown maker Italian LabelIt can be difficult to identify unknown art glass. I’ve studied 20th Century glass for a very long time, and have learned how to spot the clues that point in the direction of identification, but it doesn’t always end well. Often, after months of research in my library and on the web, after following every clue I could squeeze out the object, I end up more confused then when I began. More >>

Mysterious Theatrical Scenes (9/14/08)
Image #3 - Busk Scene OneAs previously stated, I love a good scrimshaw mystery, and have solved one or two. See: A Scrimshaw Mystery Solved!. Unfortunately, the scrimshawed images on the reverse side of this whalebone busk remain in the “unsolved” category. More >>

Collecting Antique Dolls ….How Do I Start? (9/14/08)
Whenever someone visits my home I frequently hear “Oh you collect dolls” followed by “Where do you find them”. I have always loved antiques and have collected a variety of things beginning in my early 20′s, my love affair with dolls began with a visit to a local historical building that is a hotel and also features a wonderful restaurant. More >>

Alex and Elizabeth Papalexis’ offers Web-based answer to for Internet collectors (9/14/08)
John Anderson saw the Porcelain figural group on eBay, with a mark of crossed swords of a German Meissen piece at slightly more than $800 –- a seemingly reasonable price. The courting scene between a gentleman and a lady looked to imminently collectible and he thought it would be a wonderful gift for his wife on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. The price seemed fair – or was it? More >>

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