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90 degree air ratchet (8/19/08)
I have a rotunda 90 degree air ratchet. It has ford motor company dearborn stamped on the end of it. Part # ere 71, Ser# 24775. I am trying to find out what it is worth. Any help would be appreciated. More >>

What were the true names of Christopher Columbus’ three ships? (8/19/08)
Nina, Santa Clara, & Santa MariaThe ships of Columbus were named the Nina, the Santa Clara, and the Santa Maria. The owner of the ships was married to a woman named Clara, whom he affectionately called Pinta. The crew of the Santa Clara honored her by always calling their ship “Pinta”. Its true; look it up. This scrimwork is by the Russian scrimshander Volovik. The tooth is 5.5-inches & 9.1-ounces. More >>

How to Ask the Community a Question (8/18/08)
Being a part of the WorthPoint community gives you access to the minds of other collectors. WorthPoint members can provide insight and answers to questions you may have regarding your own antiques and collectibles. Here’s how to post a question. More >>

What Goes Around, Comes Around! (8/17/08)
Portrait Mounted on Sterling BaseI am not artistic, but I appreciate good art. I should have pursued my Oceanography/Marine Biology studies in college, but I didn’t. Luckily, I have managed to intertwine both interests into a passion for collecting nautical-themed scrimshaw. This passion lead to an invitation to become a WorthPoint Worthologist, specializing in authentic, antique scrimshaw. More >>

This Week in Geek: 8/13 (8/17/08)
Cover of Green Lantern Corps #27New Comics Day is upon us once again and boy howdy is this one going to be huge. Marvel is hitting its fans with a wallet-smashing (or purse-smashing) 20 different titles this week, 6 of which are direct Secret Invasion tie-ins. More >>

Ep 25 Auctionwally Show Sun August 25th 2PM EST eBay free listing rumor and more (8/16/08)
Hello all, I just want to let everyone know that episode 25 of the Auctionwally show will air Sunday afternoon, August 17th, 2008 at 2PM EST. Click here to get to the show or bookmark a reminder. More >>

No Curse of the Bambino on Red Sox Collectibles (8/16/08)
Editor’s Note: Another look at what’s hot in the world of baseball collectibles. More >>

When Art & Antiques Cause a Bloody Nose (8/16/08)
You never know what’s going to set off a family fight in the world of art, antiques and collectibles. In the case of the Krebs clan, it began with a three-scoop, chocolate ice-cream cone. More >>

Beijing Olympic Collectibles? Phelps Takes the Gold (8/14/08)
For sports collectibles enthusiasts, the 2008 Summer Olympics—so far—can be summed up in two words: Michael Phelps. The swimmer, who now has more gold medals than any other Olympic athlete in history, appears well on his way to capturing the eight many predicted he would earn at the Beijing Games. More >>

Whose Eagle is it Anyway? (8/14/08)
Seal of the President of the United StatesWith the prevalence of online auction sites such as Ebay, there is a tendency to guess at the provenance of … More >>

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