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Controversial Housing Bill Includes Provision to Tax E-Commerce (6/29/08)
While both house of Congress have been working with dispatch to pass a massive 630-page bill to aid homeowners facing mortgage default – on June 24 an amendment was slipped into the legislation that would have a marked impact on Internet commerce for collectibles, antiques, as well as for small businesses. More >>

just saying hello (6/29/08)
hello all hope you are all doing great out there im great trying to survive like everyone else ha.ha. when gas is 10 dollars to fill the tank then maybe but that will probably not happen anymore we will be in next generation technology before anything changes but you would think that the gov and the people would fix it and not try to make a profit. More >>

Bratner How to Trade (6/29/08)
With the spring season coming to an end, there is no better time to do some cleaning of your baseball-card collection. Admit it, you have a few cards that you don’t like, don’t want and don’t need. Remember, the best collections are the ones that are focused and organized so the occasional spring-cleaning is necessary for the appearance of your set. More >>

Kent celebration (6/29/08)
Editor’s Note: Are your artworks, antiques and collectibles trapped in seclusion or piled in the corner like junk mail? If you need help displaying your collection, send us your questions, and let our Worthologist, Christopher Kent, help you resolve the problem. More >>

Collectible right? “Kennedy Shot” Nov 22 1963 San Diego Union Tribune Cover Page (6/29/08)
Cover is all I haveI have got a hand-me down newspaper cover and wanted to see, for curiosity reasons, if it is worth anything, if I should preserve it (I’d like to) and how, and if I should insure it. Cover page (title page only/ and back of) San Diego Union Tribune Nov 22 1963 Kennedy Assasinated-Extra. More >>

Shuman eclectic coded (6/28/08)
When asked, “What antiques do you collect?” I usually reply, “I am an eclectic collector.” Instead of limiting myself to one area, I study multiple but distinct categories of art and antiques. I’ve always thought that limiting your scope, as a collector, is depriving yourself of the beauty and histories of the hundreds of primitive, medieval and even modern cultures of our civilization. More >>

Bobbleheads coded (6/28/08)
At ballparks throughout the country, bobblehead collectibles are given out to fans who show up early. For instance, this year the Houston Astros will be giving out baseball bobbleheads of two local legends, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell. More >>

Mileage (6/28/08)
Astronomical gas prices are slamming businesses across the board including antiques and collectibles shops. As of July 1, 2008 through the end of the year, the More >>

Forgotten (6/28/08)
Editor’s Note: Are your antiques and collectibles trapped in seclusion or piled up in the corner like junk mail? If you need help displaying your collection, send us your questions, and let our experts help resolve the problem. More >>

Identifying Wood Species – Part II (6/26/08)
The heartwood of this piece of poplar was green when it cut. After curing several years it turns brown.The good news is that when you get right down to it there just aren’t that many woods to choose from in the bulk of American furniture. And all are native woods with the exception of mahogany. The short list begins with the various members of the related oak family – oak, elm, hickory, pecan, ash and chestnut. More >>

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