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Identifying Wood Species – Part I (6/26/08)
A reputable dealer has assured you that this chair is an 18th century Philadelphia Chippendale chair. What would you expect it to be made of?Probably the third most frequently asked question about a piece of furniture, after “how old is it?” and “what’s it worth?”, is “what is it made of?”. After brushing aside the original inclination to just say “wood”, the real work begins. Often the identification of the actual building material is the most daunting task a furniture researcher or collector faces. More >>

Identifying Wood Species – Part III (6/26/08)
This is the result of quarter sawing an oak log.We now are down to the last two properties of wood to help us made a positive identification. FIGURE More >>

my 2nd day on the site (6/25/08)
Well. I’ve managed to make a list of one of our collections — including pictures! It took my computer-challenged-self a while to get it done, but I got it done. Our almost 30 Jim Beam decanters are now on my page with pictures. More >>

WorthPoint Makes It Easy to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles for the Best Price (6/25/08)
So, you’re ready to sell the gorgeous old grandfather clock that’s been in your family for three generations. You know that it’s valuable, but you don’t know how valuable, and you’re not sure how to get started with the evaluation and sales process. More >>

Antique dolls (6/24/08)
I have a collection of antique dolls that I would like to sell I have a dealer who is going to look at these items next month I would like to some idea of their worth so I know going into this what an acceptable price would be. The dolls are hollywood dolls , nancyann story book dolls and a mix of other dolls in perfect condition. More >>

Newbies Finding Fine Art Paintings at Bargain Prices (6/24/08)
Merriman signed, Tressemanes & Vogt 13 inch vase dating from 1892 to 1907 was acquired by 31 Club Member, Vicki.Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog More >>

The Comic Speculator: Starman (6/24/08)
Cover of Starman vol 1 #26This Wednesday one of my favorite writers returns to comics after a much too long absence. ”James Robinson” wrote some of the most important and best comics of the 1990′s and then fell off the radar. Well not completely off the radar. Robinson left comics to pursue his writing carrier in Hollywood. More >>

More new webkinz (6/23/08)
Hey veiwers it’s the three sisters telling you all the new kind of webkinz coming out this year. Just in case you don’t know whst webkinz is it is a website where you can have pets on. You can make food, play games, buy things, like clothes, food, books,and many more. You can wash your pet or you can wash your pets teeth and fase. You can garden too. Plus there is sooo much more. More >>

How to Start a Baseball Card Collection (6/23/08)
Whether you are doing it as an investment or for a hobby, starting a baseball card collection is an exciting venture. Collecting baseball cards is as much a part of growing up as Saturday morning cartoons and Hungry Hungry Hippos. That being said, many beginners experience difficulty starting their collections. More >>

How to Store Your Baseball Cards (6/23/08)
If you have been following my series on how to start a baseball card collection, you already know how to choose which cards best suit your collection and where you can find them. Part 1 “How to Start a Baseball Collection” More >>

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