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Mansfield Industries B-50 slide projector (5/12/08)
I have a Mansfield Industries B-50 slide projector/ film strip projector and am trying to find out the value. Or where to go to find the value. I’m in the Dallas, Texas area. More >>

Civil War Collectibles Part II (5/12/08)
Yesterday I was in Gettysburg, and looking at all the examples of the best of the Civil War memorabilia made me thirsty to get back in the antique treasure hunting race. Taking a little time off made my competitive passions even greater and truly opened my eyes. More >>

Tune in for ep17 of The Auctionwally Show Featuring Antiques Expert Daryle Lambert (5/12/08)
Call in at 8 pm Eastern Time 1-646-378-1561I hope you’ll tune into tonight’s episode of The Auctionwally Show on Blogtalkradio at 8 pm Eastern Time. More >>

inquire/ painting or ephemera (5/12/08)
i have a beautiful print that i have wondered about the value of for years. if anyone has a few moments to share their time & knowledge, it would be greatly appriciated!!the print is a copy of a painting, aprox. 8 and a half x 10 and a half. it is signed (i believe)something like pyes .c/19/. this is very important to me to know. anyone who may know anything… please respond. thank you. More >>

Fred Taylor: The Furniture Hunter (5/11/08)
Fred Taylor’s career in furniture, furniture restoration, antiques and collectibles began when he and his wife, Gail, moved from a one-bedroom apartment to their first home in 1973 – a 2,000-square-foot house in Tampa, Florida. “We didn’t own a stick except a couple of bean bag chairs,” Taylor said. And so the hunt through yard sales and junk shops began. More >>

Civil War Collectibles (5/10/08)
Very Rare Kentucky OfficerIt’s been a fabulous few days in Baltimore. We visited three ships and a submarine in the harbor. But, the highlight of the day was when a Mexican sailing ship pulled into dock with all the sailors in their white military uniforms. The officers had chests full of medals and you could see their national pride. More >>

It IS Easy Being Green With Antiques (5/10/08)
Vintage Hi-Fi Cabinets Have 101 Other UsesThanks for reading this post, if you’d like to read more you can find my online antiques and appraisal blog at I also write as an antiques and auction expert for a National Online Newspaper at: More >>

The Comic Speculator: Barry Allen Lives! (5/9/08)
Cover of Flash #225DC Universe #0 hit the new comic stands this week and started a firestorm of rumors about the return of Barry Allen, the Silver-Age flash. The story even found legs in the Associated Press and was printed in The New York Times. Click here to read the story: More >>

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