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  • Jan 21 2008
  • 21 Jan 2008

Geek Speak New Comic Day Edition 1/16/08

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for the first “New Comic Book Day” edition of Geek Speak! Every Wednesday I’ll be ranting and raving about the new books and giving you an idea on what us geeks are reading/collecting. So, enough talk, lets get down to the meat of the matter! It’s new comic day!

  • Jan 20 2008
  • 20 Jan 2008

Secret Service Collectibles Part II

This is an expanded list of Secret Service collectibles, particularly as it relates to the declassified security pins worn by VIPs within the White House compound. They are occasionally numbered.

  • Jan 20 2008
  • 20 Jan 2008

Secret Service Collectibles

What began as a special governmental protection unit responsible for the safety of US currency in 1865, the US Secret Service has expanded its role to include protection of the president, vice president, presidential candidates, and foreign leaders while visiting US soil.

  • Jan 19 2008
  • 19 Jan 2008

Presidential Glassware

Some of my favorite presidential items to collect are the glassware to include the mugs, tumblers, plates, dishes, wine glasses, and tumblers.

  • Jan 18 2008
  • 18 Jan 2008

13 Star Flags: How to Identify an Authentic 18c One

The Flag Act of June 14, 1777 states “…that the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white: that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field…” Nowhere does it say how the stars were to be arranged. That is why there are so many different ‘national’ standards of this period simply because the star pattern wasn’t regulated until about 1912 or so.

  • Jan 18 2008
  • 18 Jan 2008

Charms of the President

When speaking of the charms of the president of the United States, it is usually more of a warm feeling than a physical item. But, no, I am referring to the small commemorative item worn on a bracelet. For a while, presidents gave these out as well as cuff links and tie bars.

The examples of charms I have go back to the Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan eras.

  • Jan 18 2008
  • 18 Jan 2008

Flags of Oz

Many generations have read the children’s book series “The Wizard of Oz” ever since L. Frank Baum published his first book in 1900. He wrote a total of 14 books for the series until his death in 1919 (his last book was published pothumously in 1920).

  • Jan 18 2008
  • 18 Jan 2008

The National WWII Museum: A Modern Experience of the Historical

WWII Museum: European Front Exhibit
945 Magazine, New Orleans LA
Adult Admission $14
Student Admission $8
Child $6

  • Jan 18 2008
  • 18 Jan 2008

How Much Per Fume?

A tasteful perfume bottle can be a work of art and has long been a popular collectible. Here’s a quick run through of the scent bottle lexicon to help you make sense of it all!

• A Commercial bottle is a perfume bottle available at the perfume counter, as opposed to a handmade, one of a kind.
• A Signed bottle is a commercial bottle signed by the designer.

  • Jan 16 2008
  • 16 Jan 2008

Goodbye to the Mess Kit

If it is true that an Army marches on its stomach, then the mess kit was the way the Army marches.

The examples of mess kits I have belong to World War I and the Vietnam Era. The first is heavy gauge steel and has some heft to it. Its design survived through the Second World War. The ‘chow’ was added unceremoniously into uncompartmented sections where everything eventually ran together.