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Proper Documentations Needed (5/8/08)
Editing/modifying drupal core modules is not advisable. Having the core modules modified makes it harder to migrate to newer versions of drupal. But certain unavoidable circumstances developers to modify the core modules. When these circumstances come, it would be very helpful to have proper documentation. It will keep track of the changes made. More >>

Mother’s Day in China (5/7/08)
Nuba Patching the Sky The U.S. Mother’s Day (second Sunday of May) is approaching. This day became known and observed by some people in China in late 1980’s. And it is becoming more and more popular. Things people do to celebrate Mother’s Day in China More >>

Forget-me-nots For Mother’s Day (5/7/08)
PinMy mother has always loved gardening. Some of my earliest memories are of our backyard in full bloom with spring flowers. Mom’s favorite is a delicate, sweetly scented blue and yellow beauty that multiplies year after year: the forget-me-not. More >>

Walrath Art Pottery and the Pottery Market (5/6/08)
Example of Walrath Pottery valued in the thousands of dollars. This past weekend, I saw Rosville and Weller pottery well overpriced at an estate sale and wondered how anyone could turn a profit if they purchased these pieces at those prices. This is not the first sale I’ve seen this. In fact, this seems to be the norm today, and the reason why so many dealers are having a hard time selling their inventory. More >>

Mother’s Day Gifts: Antiques, Jewelry And Time (5/6/08)
Mother Gifts – Antiques, Jewelry & Time More >>

The Comic Speculator: Doom vs Iron Man (5/5/08)
Cover of Iron Man #250With the Iron Man movie premiering this week, I have goose bumps just thinking about it, I thought it would be a good time to highlight one of my favorite runs of ol’ shell-head’s comic. In the 80′s David Micheline and Bob Layton redefined Tony Stark’s character making him the Iron Man we know today. More >>

This Week in Geek 4/30 (5/4/08)
Cover of DC U #0Happy DC Universe day true believers! More >>

Every Mother Has One (5/4/08)
Nearly every mother has one – the box filled with grade-school artwork, Boy Scout merit badges and years of Mother’ s Day cards. Whether homemade creations with crayon and construction paper or store-bought sentiments, Mother’s Day cards are simply too tough for most moms to toss, and many mothers hold on to cards for decades. More >>

Kentucky Derby Dishes – Mary Alice Hadley (5/4/08)
Platter - Mary Alice Hadley For hundreds of collectors, the Kentucky Derby means entertaining with treasured pieces of M.A. Hadley pottery. More >>

Mother’s Day Tribute: A Mother Knows Her Children (5/4/08)
My Ma and Mitzi DogA mother knows her children. That’s what I learned from my own mother in a most unusual way. My mother had five boys with age differences between each of about 18 months to 2 years, so she was constantly going through the separate stages of growing up for entirely too many years. All of us were different. I was the shy, bookish one, but still able to hold my own in any rumble. More >>

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