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How to establish email notifications (4/28/08)
Don´t miss a beat and keep in the loop with your subscribed groups. Choose when you would like to be notified, via email, for new posts submitted by group members. Follow the steps below. 1. Log in to your account 2. Click the “Edit Account” tab on the right side of the page 3. Scroll down the page until you reach the Communities Settings box where you will find Email notifications More >>

Allow members to contact you directly (4/28/08)
Being part of the WorthPoint community allows you to communicate and share collecting experiences. Allow other members to contact you directly to glean more information, or to convey their similar antique and collecting interests. Here is another way to stay connected with your collecting community. 1. Log in to your WorthPoint account More >>

How to edit your email address (4/28/08)
There may come a time when you will need to edit your email account information. Here´s how. 1. Sign in to your WorthPoint account. Once logged in you will automatically be directed to your “My WorthPoint” page. 2. In the right hand column under My WorthPoint click on the “Edit Account” tab 3. Here you will be able to make the appropriate changes to your existing email address. More >>

How to recover your password (4/28/08)
Did you forget your password? No problem. In this day and age we are inundated with passwords and remembering all of them can prove to be quite challenging. If you ever find yourself in this predicament with your WorthPoint password don´t fret, just follow these simple steps and you´ll be up and running in no time. More >>

How to edit or delete your questions (4/28/08)
There may come a time when you will want to edit or delete a question you have posted on our website. Here’s how… 1) Once you are logged into the website click on the “Ask a Question” tab at the top of the page. 2) You will be directed to the “Ask a Question” page. Click on “My Questions” located on the right side of the page. More >>

Antiquing Adventures: McCoy Pottery Teaches the Value of Showing Up (4/28/08)
Vintage McCoy Pottery Vase with Leaves recently sold on eBay for $43.99. There were 7 bids. Vintage McCoy Pottery Vase with Leaves recently sold on eBay for $43.99. There were 7 bids. It does my heart good when I see something I have taught come true with my own eyes. In this case, finding treasure where other people dare not to trod makes a great subject for today’s blog. More >>

Just getting started… (4/28/08)
I am processing and trying to get all the pictures together to place here from all the stuff that I have recently taken responsibility of. This is just to say, “My stuff’s coming soon! Keep an eye out!” Look forward to being a part of this great place! More >>

Our Blog, Space, and Time!! (4/28/08)
There are many wonderful things out here in the world, of all kinds of interesting things, from books, to Albums, record, Jewelry, toys and much more. When you look in all the right places for the best price. More >>

Check out these items! (4/28/08)
We have items from generations back, one of a kind pieces to collections. We will be posting items often. We are looking for the value of these items and everything we post are also for sale to the right buyer. Please come check out the Fuller Collection, member #22725. Enjoy, and comments are always needed and welcome. More >>

Kentucky Derby Items in the Worthopedia (4/27/08)
It is called the fastest 2 minutes in sports. Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has fascinated horse race enthusiasts and brought fame to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. But, what about collectibles? Let’s head into the Worthopedia paddock first to see what we can bring to the starting gate. More >>

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