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Baseball Collectibles – A Link to the Past (4/25/08)
Tigers No sport represents the tradition and values of the United States quite like baseball. It has been played around the country since the 1860s, and although it has undergone many changes, the foundation the 19th century produced can still be seen in ballparks across the country. With such an extensive legacy, the world of baseball collectibles is vast and varied. More >>

The National World War II Museum – D-Day and Beyond (4/25/08)
The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana offers both a comprehensive and personal look at the twentieth century’s most significant event. Formerly known as the National D-Day museum, the museum opened its doors to the public on the 56th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 2000. More >>

Animation Art – Collectible Cels and Drawings (4/25/08)
It was a Saturday afternoon, back in the days of my youth, and I can still remember handing over my ten cents to the man behind the glass window, then getting a ticket to the greatest afternoon ever. I waltzed right through the theater doors and up to the refreshment stand and handed over my nickel for a Coke. If I was plush with money, I splurged on a five cent bag of popcorn. More >>

bibles (4/25/08)
Where can i get information on old 1700 and 1800 bibles. I have a 1865 new testament translated out of the original greek.It has a brown cover with engraving on it. Ialso have a book of three narrative poems coleridge the rime of the ancient mariner,arnold sorab and rustum and tennyson enoch arden 1898.Also there is a first edition of Polly of the Circus 1908.are any of these of any value? More >>

Vice Presidential Guest Pins (4/25/08)
Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980, reverseJust as the Secret Service provides a specially designed lapel pin to frequent guests to the White House, the Secret Service also provides similar lapel pins to guests of the vice president of the United States. More >>

Collecting JFK (4/25/08)
Magazines featuring JFKThere are events in our lives that stand out like no others. Most of us in my generation know where we were and what we were doing on Nov. 22, 1963 when we learned that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. More >>

Terminology III: How Old Is It? (4/24/08)
In the world of collecting, like in anything else, there’s a language used by insiders. From video gamers to traders in the stock market, talking the talk is half the battle. Whether collecting is your hobby or your profession, knowing how to navigate “collector speak” is a useful tool of the trade. More >>

Pussam Antiguedades (4/24/08)
As San Telmo’s go-to shop for antique cameras and timepieces, Pussam Antiguedades contains the collection of Samuel Pustelnik, who has also assembled an interesting variety of scientific apparatuses and bronze objects, and a nice collection of hanging, table, and floor lamps. More >>

Emaus Asociación Civil in Argentina (4/24/08)
The Emaus Asociación Civil functions the Argentine equivalent of the Salvation Army or Goodwill. It accepts donations for sale and uses the proceeds to profit various national social programs. The Emaus store location in Buenos Aires is conveniently located in the antiques district of San Telmo. More >>

Ice Cream Parlor & Soda Shop Antiques (4/24/08)
Antique Soda Fountain found at the Bryant House in Weston, Vermont. Photo from As a young kid, I remember going to the Olde Soda Shop in Lewisport Kentucky with my Uncle Jim. He was my father’s youngest brother, yet only four years older than me. The town of Lewisport had a population of about 500 back then, and everyone, including the adults, seemed to congregate at this shop on the weekends. More >>

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