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Spring Has Sprung in the Antiques Markets. Are You Ready? (3/23/08)
Hot Wheels Redline Custome Mustang sold for $810.99 USD recently on eBay.Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Antique & Collectible Wealth Builders Blog: Get your best fitting shoes out, because the season for Antiquing is about to begin. The number of events will start picking up which means the treasures we hunt will be harder for just the few to find. More >>

This Week In Geek 3/19 (3/22/08)
Cover to Incredible Herc 115New Comic Wednesday came with a sunny, warm feeling this week as winter has finally melted from the prairie and spring seems to be here. Baseball spring training is in full swing (no pun intended) and the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament begins. More >>

Italian World War II Chrome helmet (3/22/08)
The Italian Army wore the French Adrian helmet during World War I, eventually producing its own version known as the Model 1916. All that changed after Benito Mussolini came to power in 1925. More >>

The Role of Egg Rolling at Easter in The United States (3/22/08)
Ukranian Pysanka EggThe Easter Egg Roll at The White House dates back to 1814 when President James Madison’s wife Dolly Madison started the tradition for the children. This tradition continued until 1877 when children were banned from the White House grounds when a new lawn was installed. The ban lasted only one year when President Rutherford B. More >>

Walrus Books (3/21/08)
Walrus Books is the only English-language used bookstore in Buenos Aires, and stocks an impressive collection of classic English literature, travel guides, and vintage magazines, making it a target for both used-book collectors and those just looking to buy a good English read. More >>

Artists’ Atelier Tour (3/21/08)
The Artists’ Atelier Tour is an exclusive art studio tour in Buenos Aires, designed with the art collector in mind. More >>

1870-S US Dollar – Highlight of Bowers & Merena Auction, Baltimore, Maryland (3/21/08)
Obverse and Reverse of 1870-S US Seated Liberty DollarAn 1870-S United States Seated Liberty dollar sold for $705,689 in Bowers and Merena Auctions’ Baltimore sale. The dollar was graded VF-25 by Professional Coin Grading Service and was described as the Farouk-Schultz speciman. More >>

A Tussie Mussie (3/21/08)
It’s called a Tussie Mussie, a Posey Holder, Nose Gay, or a Porte-Bouque. The names are different, but they are the same thing – a small, cone-shaped flower holder that holds a very small bouquet. More >>

Creating Your Own Market in the Collectibles Business (3/21/08)
Lotton GlassHave you ever thought that by having a special interest in a certain Baseball, Football, Basketball player you could start your own business? A certain Singer, Actor or Race Car Driver might suit you better, but regardless of your taste, there is plenty of opportunity to turn this interest into dollars. More >>

Polish Coin Sets World Record at Auction (3/20/08)
1621 Polish 100 ducatsA monumental Polish gold 100 ducats coin struck nearly 400 years ago has sold for $1.38 million at an auction by Stack’s in New York City. The price set a record for a world coin. More >>

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