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1920′s Barstow Gas Stove (1/30/08)
Looking into a stove located in my mothers home. The marking/tags state that it was made by the Barstow Stove Company, Rhode Island. This stove does still work although it has not been used in a number of years. I would say it is excellent to very good condition. Looking for any information on value that anyone may have. More >>

Kaiting painting (1/30/08)
D. Kaiting landscapeI am interested in information about D. Kaiting, artist of a painting I purchased at an auction. It is an oil painting of a landscape, 2′ x 3′ in a gold frame. I’d like to know about the artist. More >>

Daryle Lambert – I’ll Take it All (1/30/08)
Bronze Wright Brothers Medal I am author of "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles." I write a Daily Antiques & Collectibles Blog for those interested in learning more about antiques & collectibles while also learning to use these items to grow wealth. More >>

Gone in 45 seconds… (1/30/08)
Everyone is fascinated by the auctioneers’ chant and wonders, “What do they do when they’re not selling items at auction? Do they have a real job? They only work 4 to 8 hours a week! They really have it easy!” Today’s auctioneer is far more involved in the making and breaking of an auction and the company’s success than you could ever imagine. More >>

Vehicles & Accessories (1/29/08)
While Country collectors and decorators emphasize the vehicles and accessories from the horse-drawn vehicle era, there is growing collector interest … More >>

Wood & Natural Materials (1/29/08)
Rural America used wood because it was inexpensive and readily available. As land was cleared for settlement and farming, … More >>

Baskets (1/29/08)
The Country look focuses on baskets made of splint, rye straw or willow. Emphasis is placed on handmade examples. … More >>

Boxes (1/29/08)
Boxed storage was commonplace in the rural American home. Although pasteboard boxes were available, most rural individuals preferred boxes made … More >>

Buckets, Barrels, & Bowls (1/29/08)
Wooden buckets, barrels and bowls were a necessity in rural America. Barrels were used to store a variety of … More >>

Abingdon Pottery (1/29/08)
The Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company began manufacturing bathroom fixtures in 1908 in Abingdon, Ill. The company’s art pottery line was … More >>

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