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  • Aug 18 2015
  • 18 Aug 2015

The Green Man Tradition: Collecting an Icon that Spans Cultures & Religions

“It’s Pagan,” she said, pointing to the image carved into the crest rail of an antique chair. “And I won’t have Pagan symbols in my […]

  • Aug 18 2015
  • 18 Aug 2015

My Blue China: A Lesson in Globalization

Tracing the history of blue-and-white china is a great primer. The very first examples of white earthenware decorated with cobalt appeared in China as early […]

  • Aug 13 2015
  • 13 Aug 2015

Novelty Postcards offer a World of Collectible Opportunities

According to the dictionary, “novelty” is the quality of being new, original, or unusual. And so it is with novelty postcards. We’re used to seeing […]

  • Aug 11 2015
  • 11 Aug 2015

Buying and Enjoying Japanese Porcelain & Historic Items; A Collector’s Take

Are you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Andreas “Andy” Aigner, a program manager for a telecommunications company who lived […]

  • Aug 10 2015
  • 10 Aug 2015

‘Bearly-Collectible’ Northwest Territories Canadian License Plates

License plates of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Canada

By Andy Bernstein

  • Aug 7 2015
  • 7 Aug 2015

Photographs Can Offer More Than Just a Thousand Words

Collectors of American Indian art view their objects from two angles: as art and history. For example, the aesthetics of a war club easily transforms […]

  • Aug 6 2015
  • 6 Aug 2015

The Cedar Chest: Hope, Glory and Bottom Drawer

Any search for information about the family heirloom we call a “cedar chest” will eventually lead you back to the ancient Egyptians, who made boxes […]

  • Aug 6 2015
  • 6 Aug 2015

Rinker on Collectibles: Fear of the Unknown, Extremely Scarce Items

Beware of the unusual is one of tenets that I stress during the authenticating seminar that I teach at my Institute for the Study of […]

  • Aug 3 2015
  • 3 Aug 2015

EBay has changed the Face of Bottle Collecting (just like every other Collectible)

For those of us who have been collecting enthusiasts for more than 30-plus years, the advent of eBay was a colossal game-changer. In my specialty—collecting […]

  • Jul 31 2015
  • 31 Jul 2015

The Last Battle of the Civil War Was not in Texas; The Confederate Flag as a Collectible

It was a month after Confederate Lieutenant General Robert E. Lee surrendered to U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia that the […]